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Child with Letcher ties makes national news

Harlynn Pedigo, granddaughter of Albert and Tonya Tackett, is shown with her pet chickens.

Harlynn Pedigo, granddaughter of Albert and Tonya Tackett, is shown with her pet chickens.

It is so good to have our precious Mommy home. She came home the 29th in case you all missed last week’s Mountain Eagle entry. She is doing amazingly well for an 88-year-young woman.

She does seem to be discouraged with herself because she isn’t strong enough to do much without having to rest. We keep telling her it’s going to take her a long time to get back to normal.

I know though, when I had my surgery I was very discouraged, too. So I can sympathize with her. She surely is a loved woman.

So many people at the rec center, Senior Citizens, Letcher Independent Baptist Church, and others I see in the community always ask about her and remind me to tell her how much they love and miss her.

We also got a phone call from one of Mom’s Marlowe Coal Camp friends, Bertha Page Dye. She is having some health problems, too. She’s having problems with her throat but has to be cleared by her heart doctor before they can even plan on doing surgery on her throat.

Olive Garden waitress Nianni Nani Rudder feeds Harlynn Pedigo while Harlynn’s mother eats.

Olive Garden waitress Nianni Nani Rudder feeds Harlynn Pedigo while Harlynn’s mother eats.

Another one of Mom’s friends called, Lou Lucas, and she didn’t even know Mom had to have openheart surgery. She also is in poor health. These two women need our prayers for their health.

Also, remember Bill and his wife June Craft. June had to have surgery when she fell and broke her shoulder. The pins that were put in have worked themselves loose because of how soft her bones are.

Also, remember their son-in-law, Thomas Richardson, who has broken some ribs. Please also remember Mom’s sister, Linda Pennington Hall. She’s still in the Letcher Manor Nursing Home.


Last but not least, we have so many church members who have family members that are struggling with drug addictions. They desperately need our prayers, too.

Albert and Tonya Tacket, my only brother and sisterin law, live in Randleman, N.C. They sent us word one day last week that one of their grandchildren, Harlynn Pedigo, had made the national news. They also sent us the link to watch the news clip. It was wonderful!

Pictured is Kimber Lynn Gibbs, granddaughter of Mike and Debbie Baker.

Pictured is Kimber Lynn Gibbs, granddaughter of Mike and Debbie Baker.

Harlynn’s mom, Courtney Ruth Pedigo, posted this on Facebook:

“Tonight my family and I went out to Olive Garden for dinner, and per Harlynn’s usual, she did everything but sit in her high chair and eat her dinner like I picture in my dreams. She had me so overwhelmed from letting all of Olive Garden know she was in the house and trying her best to wiggle her way down me to run the restaurant, I had went to find our waitress to ask if she could please bring my food out in a to-go box ‘cause we were going out to sit in the car. She really said, ‘No, you’re going to go sit down and enjoy your dinner and I will be there to sit with her!’ And that’s exactly what she did! She brought Harlynn a bowl of ice cream with caramel syrup and even though Harlynn wouldn’t let her hold her, she sat there in my lap and let Nianni Nani Rudder feed her while I actually got to eat my food while it was still hot! Girl, you will never truly know how appreciative I am for tonight. I seriously admire you, Not only because you took the time to bribe my bratty little human with sweets so I could eat, but because you are so, so strong! I know your Mom is looking down from Heaven with the biggest smile and so incredibly proud of the woman you are. I aspire to be the gogetter you are and like I told my dad on our way home it has to take someone with a strong heart and mind to do what you do because I know I couldn’t!

“ Thank you for your amazing service and for being so kind to us all! — with Nianni Nani Rudder.”

Well, this post went all over the Internet and CNN, Fox News and all their local news stations were calling and wanting interviews with Courtney and the waitress both. They even did some footage of Harlynn in the yard with her chickens.

I see stories like this all the time and love them, but this is the first time I have known any of the people in the report. Albert and Tonya were so proud of Courtney and her consideration for this waitress.

There are a lot of events going on this month at Letcher County Senior Citizens. This Wednesday, Oct. 10, there will be a free health screening from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. inside the Letcher County Recreation Center. This is a diabetes self- management class which is offered free as part of a UK Research study. This is offered by University of Kentucky and Faith Moves Mountains.

Then, Oct. 18, the seniors will be traveling to Hazard for the annual health fair. They will be leaving the rec center at 8 a.m.

Unity Day will be Oct. 24. This is the day we all wear orange to show our support for a bully free community. Then, last but not least, Oct. 30 will be the Halloween party at Senior Citizens. If you want to wear a costume please do, but it isn’t required.

At Letcher Independent Baptist Church’s Sunday night services we have a time where we can share a testimony if we would like. Sunday night we had so many inspiring testimonies I just have to mention a few.

One of my good friends, Linda Caudill Buttrey, is going through some things right now that would normally destroy a person. Yet, she stands strong in her Bible knowledge, because of the teaching we hear Sunday mornings and nights, and Wednesday nights.

She told me Sunday night, she is just going to leave it all to God and that’s all she knows to do.

Then another good friend, Phyllis Adams, gave a wonderful testimony. The message Sunday morning was about finding the creator in creation. That might not be what Pastor meant it to be but that’s what I got out of it.

Phyllis said she loved the message because she enjoyed nature and watching the birds so much. She praised God for allowing her to live in an area where she can see these things on a daily basis.

Once again, remember as Oma always begged, try your best to be in church Sunday. Also, if your church has services Sunday night or throughout the week, God would want you there then, too.

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