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Childhood home is destroyed by fire


Irene Jent, formerly of here, is still in the hospital in Indiana recuperating from her recent fall, and had to have a pacemaker, also. Her daughter Debbie Adams keeps family and friends updated on Facebook.

Roger Whitaker of Johnson Fork is in very sick and serious condition and many prayers are being sent up on his and his family’s behalf.

Ted Adams had to be taken to Lexington for surgery on the blocked artery in his neck. It was 99 percent blocked and thankfully he did well after surgery and is already back home.

The news was scary for his family and friends so quickly after losing his mother, Jenette, for him to be in such serious shape.

On Friday, Don, Coreen Pridemore and I went to Somerset and while there we visited for awhile with Mom’s sister, Juanita Mccrarey before picking up a few antiques from an auction for my shop. We traveled through a variety of weather that day.

I was sad to learn that the house I was born in had recently burned. Dad and Mom rented it from General and Thelma Croucher back then, and in a twist of irony, many years later Bob’s grandmother and grandfather,

Vina and Hub Banks, owned the house. Bob spent many nights there.

It was on the hill between Burton Hill and the Twin Bridge, and across from Tony and Linda Adams’s furniture store.

Bob and I attended Big Cowan Church on Sunday. We hadn’t been there in quite some time, and it was good to see those attending. We used to see Ethel Banks and her twin sister Mae Day there years ago, and saw where Ethel had recently died too, at 98.

While Joyce Adams was recently in the hospital, her granddaughter Lori Boggs ended up in the same room with pneumonia. Hope both are better by this time.

On Sunday after Bob and I got home from visiting at the nursing home, Bob dropped by Blair Branch to check on Evangene and Arizona Adams, and Sterlin and Mertie Caudill.

Martha Sue and Comman Blair were also visiting with Evangene and Arizona, and Bob came home with some gingerbread.

Viola and Violet take turns helping their dad and mom out.

Mertie and Sterlin were doing fair, and their son Lynn and daughter Lisa also take turns helping them out.

I don’t think I have expressed sympathy to the family of longtime Doty Creek resident Margaret Caudill Bowling’s family. She died on Jan. 5 at the age of 94, and leaves behind two sons, Darrel Gene and James Harold, and a daughter, Hazel, plus grandchildren, great-children and great-great-grandchildren.

She was a longtime member of the Old Indian Bottom Church and was related to so many throughout the area. Sorry I took so long to get this in here.

Her grandson Bubba always called to tell me how his Mamaw was doing, and loved her so well.

Thelma Banks of Sandlick, lived to be 90 years old, and was laid to rest on Monday. Prayers go out to her family.

Get well wishes to Alma Fields, Dock Adams, Roger Hall, Joyce Adams and all who are little under the weather.

We hope June Craft, Preacher Bill’s wife, can feel better. She has been having a struggle since her recent fall and her family has been so worried. Bill is so good to speak to and check in on the other nursing home patients and their visitors.

Linda Buttrey said her mother had to spend 11 days in the hospital recently, but is back at the home now.

We always see Linda on our Sunday visits to Letcher Manor. She does so well to keep a check on her mom.

We were sorry to learn of Carlos Dixon’s death last week. He was a son of John D. and Malvie and grew up on Sycamore Loop. His family lived on our side of the creek and my mom’s family grew up on the other side, and their families went to school together at Sycamore.

He always seemed to have a smile, and was a kind and friendly man. He and Joann had three sons and five grandchildren that they were so proud of.

Carlos’s funeral was held at Mount Olivet at Blackey with many family and friends in attendance. His sister Vesteen was able to attend, but sisters Dana Palmer and Shelby Jean Back could not make it.

Many nephews and nieces were there, too. Deepest thoughts and prayers to Joann, the boys and their families.

Another that some may remember, Oscar Bowling, died too. Mom remembered that he went to Sycamore School when they were young, and Dad said at one point Oscar’s family lived on Walter’s Branch.

He lived in Michigan at his passing, and was a son of the late Joe and Alta Caudill Bowling. He was laid to rest in the Whitaker Cemetery at Premium.

Maggie May Back said he was a cousin to her and her brothers and sisters.

That’s all I have time for. Sorry if I have forgotten to put something in. If so, just remind me and I’ll get it in next week.

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