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Children abused every day; we should protect them

What I write about today is a subject I don’t even like to think about, and that is the way little children are being abused every day.

They are being abused in every way imaginable. They are being kidnapped and transported to unfamiliar places a lot of times by a parent who has visitation rights in a custody case.

They are being slaughtered like dogs by people who are as coldhearted as a snake. To that kind of individual, a child is not even a living being, but just a thing that gets in their way and must be done away with.

There used to be a spot on the post office walls for flyers of missing children, but not anymore. I guess maybe the revenue became more important than finding a little child.

I doubt people care what I think, but I will express my opinion anyway.

I think that all children should be fingerprinted before they enter school and in custody cases, and even younger. Not that they will become criminals when they’re older, but a child’s looks will change as they get older, but their fingerprints will not change.

A lot of times a parent with joint custody rights will take a child or children for a normal visit and fail to return with them.

By the time anyone figures out something is wrong, the guilty party is gone with the child or children.

If my memory serves me right, custodial interference is a felony, and there is no statute of limitations.

Imagine the turmoil the children go through.

But if the guilty party uses an abducted child’s Social Security number as a dependant, it will only be a matter of time until they are found.

For that matter, if either the adult’s or the child’s Social Security number is used, it is just a matter of time.

Children are innocent victims of cruelty. They had nothing to do with being brought into this word, and yet they are the ones suff ering.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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