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Children are being murdered every day

I have been thinking quite a bit about the upcoming holiday season, especially Christmas. As I have stated previously, too many people in society today have completely strayed away from the true meaning of Christmas.

That alone is bad enough, but just stop and think if you will, how many little children will not even see Christmas because they have been murdered. And in most instances by their own family, especially by parents or live-ins.

Almost every day on the news we hear of yet another child being murdered. Those little children are God’s little angels and have committed no transgressions against Him, and yet they are being sacrificed, and a lot of the time there is no remorse for what the murderers have done.

Of course, a lot of times the guilty party or parties will insist the injuries resulted from a fall, but the medical examiners are not idiots and can easily tell the difference between a fall and physical abuse. But the guilty parties are too stupid to realize that. They figure no matter what tale they come up with, it will be believed. The truth is, there are very few children who actually die from falls.

A lot of these crimes are tied to drugs or other illegal activities. Some are the result of jealousy, such as the Scottie Baker case several years ago.

His stepmother was expecting, and she decided Scottie had to go for fear he would receive more attention than the one she was carrying. Not only was she guilty of premeditated murder, but also abuse of a corpse and tampering with physical evidence when she and her accomplice attempted to hide the evidence by burning the body.

Our little children are being abused in every way imaginable. But a lot of the time the abuse is never brought to light because there are no visible signs of this abuse. Mental abuse goes much deeper and leaves no scars on the outside.

I know because I was abused both physically and mentally as a child. The mental scars I will take to the grave with me. The Good Book tells us we must forgive, but it doesn’t say we have to forget.

Even though we have programs to help feed and care for children who are in need, very little of these benefits filter down to those in need. Instead, they are used for other things not needed by the caregivers. No matter what assistance becomes a reality, the people will find some way to abuse it.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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