Whitesburg KY

Children just don’t play outside anymore

Oh, I woke up the morning of April 9 to a beautiful, sunny day. So bright and so peaceful out with no cars passing and no children playing. They have all grown older, those near me.

It doesn’t seem possible that no children want to get outside and play anymore. They like to play video games and Facebook, watch TV and talk on a cell phone.

I have been so down and depressed over losing my brother, Emory. I miss him so deeply. He was always so good to us all.

Claude and Em were best friends, and now both are gone, and oh, so many others I knew. Also a neighbor passed away last week from cancer, and another one found out that he has it also.

Larry Jones has been so sick too. He just got out of the hospital last Thursday. It seems as if everyone is getting cancer anymore.

My son David had prowlers around his house a week or about eight or nine days ago. He got his gun and was looking around outside the widow and saw someone or something outside this back door.

He couldn’t see good enough to tell who or what it was. He went back to bed and fell asleep with the gun and accidently shot himself in the leg. The bullet went in the upper part of the leg and went through to the back of his leg.

Hs wife Denise was in bed, and she called 911 and got the ambulances and she held a towel on it until the ambulance took him to a medical helicopter at the college at Cumberland. They got him to the Holston Valley Hospital and he was in bad shape from losing so much blood. They had to give him blood for three or four days to get him built back up. He almost bled to death.

Oh! Thank God he is doing okay now. I’ve been almost crazy with worry over him and my son Don, who is Type I diabetic.

I found him passed out in a coma one day and the ambulance came and took him to the Whitesburg emergency room, and they got him back to himself.


Daniel brought him home and the next evening he did the same thing. They took him to the Pikeville emergency room and they almost let him die from trying to find a vein to do blood work on him. He has been having so much trouble with his diabetes.

He is home and doing fair for a change. He has been in a wheelchair for over a year, and still can’t walk on the leg that got broken when he fell in the bathroom. He has had so much happen to him in his life.

One of the neighbors on Ingram’s Creek died with cancer, Jr. Crase. Linda will be so lonely now. I know what that feels like.

We went over to the Ingram Cemetery recently. Mack Morgan was there to visit his wife Jewell Ann’s grave. He really has had a bad time trying to get over losing her. He loved her so much and he also lost his baby brother during Jewell’s funeral.

Ronny was found dead in his recliner just a day or two later, my brother and his grandson’s wife, all at the same time. Jewell was my husband Claude’s sister, and it was so hard for me.

It isn’t looking good about war. It is a scary, lonely time, but it has been a beautiful, sunny day.

My sister-in-law, Lonnie Mae Combs, came by for a while. It was so good to see her. She had been to church over on Kingscreek and then she and her daughter and son-in-law got to watch her son Terry Combs be baptized over there in the creek.

After that, they went to dinner at the Benham School House Inn. She said they had good food. It is a nice place to have a good home-cooked meal on Sunday after church or anytime.

I received a letter from my sweet friend in Arizona. They had been through a bad year in 2017. Her husband had fallen and hurt his back real bad. She said he wouldn’t go to the doctor until he lay there; too stubborn to give in and go. When he did go they x-rayed it and found it was fractured and they found that the vertebra had vanished, and that he needed a bone scan so he would rule out cancer.

They went back to see if it was cancer, and it wasn’t and God had blessed them that way. And they were blessed in that they had their first grandchild, a boy. They sure were blessed.

I thank God for Susie. She writes me good letters.

Since I wrote last my daughter-in-law had a bad fall and broke her ankle bones. She is on crutches and getting therapy.

Hello to all my friends in Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. I love all very much.

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