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Children’s Christmas play is a hit


Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well.

By now I’m sure Christmas has come and gone. I hope everyone had a merry Christmas. I have surely enjoyed all my cards and letters and calls. I have gotten so many beautiful pictures of the little children. It will take a while to get them all in. Seems like they are all getting prettier every year.

I finally got off this hill and renewed my driver’s license.

I called Anne (Miller) Vanderpool the other day. She’s one of our Marlowe girls. She is having terrible back pain. I hope she is doing better. She lives in Williamsburg and is the sister of Ada (Miller) King in Miamisburg, Ohio. We graduated eighth grade at Marlowe — a few years back.

Late happy birthday to Margaret (Hatton) Combs and late happy anniversary to Frank and Geraldine Perry on Dec. 23. That was the anniversary of my mom and dad, the late Cindy and Bill Howard.

We had our Christmas play at our church and it was the best one I have ever seen. The children did their parts perfectly and were dressed so pretty. That Greta Fields did an outstanding job with it. I don’t know who all helped. I know her sister Rachel and her mom Sonia Fields and Rodney Allen and some of the mothers worked really hard. We had a packed out house and some great food afterward. I had been snowed in and it was a special treat, getting out and seeing people for a change. We are afraid Hollywood will take Greta away from us.

That whole family is such a blessing to our church. Sonia and Levine Fields have done a good job with their family and they are very much appreciated and loved.

We were expecting more snow this weekend. I hope it’s not much. I still have lots of leftover snow so I know I’ll have a white Christmas.

I got some sad news. A friend of mine since third grade, Hazel (Easterling) Ramsey, died in April. We were always best friends growing up and even growing older. Some of you older Marlowe friends will remember her father Tom Easterling and his son Billy, who were killed together in Marlowe Mines. Billy was a senior in high school and played football at Whitesburg High School and worked in the mines at night.

I hope everyone who was traveling on Christmas had a safe trip.

I heard Clarence Ison was a very sick man. I sure hope he is doing better.

Hazel Ison of Whitco had surgery. I hope she does O.K. So many of our people are sick and needing prayer. Aggie Hatton is doing some better and David Trent was having some blood work.

Larry Thomas has been real sick. I heard he was some better.

I have to get out and get groceries. I may not be able to get out after it snows.

I think my sister Louise Shepherd has lots of people in for Christmas, her son Jerry Shepherd and wife Wendy and their two children Lindsey and Jacob and a little granddaughter. I’m sure they will have a good time.

I’m not having any company. They are having Christmas with their families and I will be having dinner with Larry and Linda and all their family, so I won’t have to worry about the roads, just walk up the hill. I always enjoy getting to be with all of them and watching the kids open gifts.

Sandra and Billy came over for a while today. I always enjoy their visits.

My news will be short this week. It’s hard to dig up news when you are snowbound.

I heard Nova Fields is really sick and needs prayer.

I’ve been hearing about Alice Mason’s Santa collection. It sounds so beautiful. I would love to see them. I saw them years ago but the collection has grown a lot since then.

If you don’t have to be out and about, just stay in and curl up and keep warm.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if the weather doesn’t get too bad.

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