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Choices for bluegrass shows were plenty

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Hello again everyone.

I don’t know about you but I feel like I am on a fast moving plane and not leaving the ground! As I was writing a check and put the date, I realized half the year is nearly already gone. Before we blink an eye Christmas will be here again. I really don’t think I have ever seen time pass so fast.

This week my sympathy goes out to the family of Carrie Cornett of Blackey. I met Carrie in person at Blackey Days a year ago, but we had connected through Facebook on computer since Carrie knew all my family. Carrie evidently was a lot like me, as she never met a stranger. We would talk frequently on the computer.

I knew Carrie had several health issues including heart, but when I talked to her she seemed to be doing well. It just goes to show you that we really don’t have any promise of tomorrow or any idea when our number will be called.

I remember Carrie’s husband Cooley when he was a kid. His sister Genita Cornett Calihan and I were best friends in our freshman year at Kingdom Come High School. I think that has been at least a hundred years ago, or so it seems.

Genita and I have been in touch with each other a few times over the years, and as a matter of fact my mom and Genita’s parents knew each other when they were young.

I have a necklace that Genita’s brother Argano sent me when he was in service. I just realized the necklace is 55 years old. It might not mean a hill of beans to someone else, but it means a lot to me.

This past weekend was a rather hectic one for me to make decisions on what to do, as there were several events going on in so many different places.

Seedtime on the Cumberland in Whitesburg was so tempting, as my cousin Jack Adams was playing there along with others. There was bluegrass music at Kentucky Horse Park near Lexington and Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Festival at Bean Blossom, Ind. Caesars Creek Flea Market had several bands I enjoy, and then there was the Happy Valley Bluegrass Festival close to Oldenburg, Ind. Happy Valley won out.

This is the second time I have been there, and I love the setting for the festival. Rural Route 2 Bluegrass Band is always scheduled there. Greg Griffin, Bruce Murray, Jon Wise, Bob Bentley, and Gary Eldridge have great harmony, and all are good musicians. Gary does a lot of the emcee work.

RR2 has a new CD, “Silver Medals & Sweet Memories.” It is a great CD, so please be sure to pick one up to add to your collection.

There were a couple of unusual sightings this year, as someone gave a new meaning to the words camper and motor home. A guy actually put a tent on top of his Cadillac. I would like to have asked how he got up there to get into it.

I also met a nice family from Illinois while there. Before they left, Greg Williams gave me a card and thanked me for being so caring to his daughter who I let borrow a fleece to help keep her warm. He and his wife have founded an organization called Reagan’s Rescue to draw attention to Shaken Baby Syndrome. They have traveled to Vancouver, Canada and several places to promote their organization.

I am glad Mr. Williams waited until afterwards to share this information with me, as they lost their only son’s daughter at the hands of a later boyfriend of the 2-1/2-year-old child’s mother. They are such a wonderful family. They came to Happy Valley especially to see Jerry and Joan Paul who are from Gatlinburg, Tenn., and are also performers at Happy Valley Bluegrass Festival. Jerry and Joan pick a lot in Gatlinburg.

Sunday was another day of decisions, as Ma Crow and The Lady Slippers performed at Caesars Creek Pioneer Flea Market and Pioneer Village. I am sorry to say I missed The Lady Slippers’ show, as I know all the members of this band.

Special Delivery Bluegrass Band will be playing at Hunter Pizzeria in Hunter, Ohio on June 17, so that means I get to see my extended family Les and Pat Wagner. Larry and Becky Hasty and family are in Florida for a few days, so I am not sure if they will be joining us.

I am really looking forward to a few special concerts at Front Street Café in New Richmond, Ohio. Evan Lanier & Bluegrass Express will be there June 19, then Ma Crow and The Lady Slippers on June 29. Front Street sits along the Ohio River. Concerts are held in the courtyard.

To Bill and Betty Kelly: my thoughts are still with you and will be for a long time.

My son Keith Ballard escaped a very close call when his pickup truck caught fire. He was very lucky to have just pulled into the parking lot when flames erupted from under the hood. He was able to put the fire out with minimal damage. It scares me to think what had happened if he had been on the highway in heavy traffic and couldn’t have gotten over.

Hello to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall in Letcher County. I hope you two are doing all right.

Gwen Huff Farmer is having quite a bit of trouble with her legs. Gwen has once again planted enough produce to feed an army.

Jon Caudill, I hope people are keeping you busy with Caudill Construction. In fact if I had time, since I am running out of money, I would be hitting you up for a job just so I can run around a little more.

Hello to Margie Caudill. I hope this finds you doing great.

Oma Hatton, I will try to call you this week. I sure hope you are doing okay. Hello also to Emma and Red Engle.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone: 513-367-46822.

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