Whitesburg KY

Christine Fields celebrating birthday

Hello everyone! I hope all is well. We’re still enjoying the nice weather while we can.

We went to Virginia on Saturday and stopped at a flea market, then went to Tractor Supply. We ran into Opal and Cassel Boggs who said their son Basil and family were visiting from Richmond, and they were out shopping.

We went to KFC and had a very good lunch. Then we did some more looking around in some stores, and then visited with my sister Kathy and Eddie Wolfe. We had a real good, beautiful day.

Late happy birthday wishes to Tammy Turner who celebrated Nov. 8. She turned 47. Nov. 20 this old gal turns 60. It’s hard to believe that I am finally getting ‘old.’ Big Cowan

Wayne and Missy Fields got married 22 years ago on my birthday. Congratulations to them. He is my oldest nephew. What happened? All of these kids have grown up and have families of their own. Some of them have grandchildren already.

Juanita Fields Smith has been in the hospital with gallstones or gallbladder problems. She is out now, but still needs everyone’s prayers. She is due to have surgery soon.

Johnny Collier just got out of the hospital, and is still having problems with his legs. Keep him in your prayers.

Altha Fields was in the hospital. I haven’t heard how she is doing or what was wrong with her, just keep her in your prayers. Also Jim Howard Banks and Paul Adams.

In last week’s paper under Paige Brown’s birthday picture it should have read great-grandparents Ina Campbell and the late Hagel Campbell. Ina is not deceased. She has health problems and need our prayers. Sorry if it caused any confusion.

Mary Ann Maggard fell a few weeks ago and broke her wrist. She is still in need of prayer.

Hello to Thula Ison at Blackey. I haven’t talked to her in awhile, and I hope she is doing okay.

I’m not sure if my son Chad and his family will be here for Thanksgiving. He might have to work Saturday and Sunday afterwards. I will miss them.

Our youngest granddaughter Michaela called Sunday morning and said she would like to come down and stay from Wednesday until Sunday. We would have to go to Lexington to pick her up, and I’m not sure if we will have the gas.

My brother-in-law Eddie Wolfe said that if anyone has a deer they do not want that he would take it. They would probably have to drop it off at Craft’s Colly since he doesn’t have a truck. You can call him at 633-1384, and thanks.

I am amazed at how many women get out and hunt and usually kill a deer. When I was little my aunt used to go coon hunting, and we kept wanting to so. One night she and my mom planned on going, so we stayed up all evening so my sister and I and my cousins could go around midnight.

We all thought it would be cool. So out in the dark we go with flashlights. As soon as we got to the end of our back yard we didn’t think it was cool, so we turned around and went back home.

We went to bed and never went again. That was the first and last hunting trip for me. Ha! Ha! So I admire the women who like to hunt.

I haven’t seen a lot of my brother Archie this past week. He and Margaret have been keeping Emily and Mary after school and during the night while Juanita was in the hospital. I know how it is with kids and school activities. They keep you hopping, and us older folks get worn out.

It’s a good thing we had our children while we were younger, because once you get older you do not have the energy to keep up with them. If only we could bottle that energy, we would be in good shape or be rich.

I wanted to say hello to Shelby and Tommy Bockover and Bill Hadler in Greensburg, Ind., and happy holidays to all of them.

Well I must go, so until next week stay warm, attend the church of your choice, and pray for everyone and may God bless. Love you all.

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