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Christine Fields may be moving

Hello everyone! Hope all had a great week.

I am so tired of funeral visitations. There have been at least two a week lately. Our little community seems to keep losing them.

I am not sure how much longer I will be writing this article. It has been fun and I have heard from lots of people over the years that have enjoyed it. I will probably be moving back to Indiana soon to be near my family, and to watch Lanceton grow. There is nothing to keep me here.

I will miss my brother Archie and Margaret Fields and Irene and Eugene Day and the friends at church and Hemphill and all the readers and the storytelling classes. They have all been good to me.

Since James and Mike are gone, I have no one to help fix up this old place. I love the place it sits on, but it is such bad shape. I need to move to a smaller place with no plumbing problems, no yard work and that would be easy to take care of. It needs to be completely rebuilt. But since I do not have the funds or the knowhow to do the work that needs done, it is time for me to move on and let someone else deal with the headache.

Big Cowan

The old house belongs to the heirs and no one will help with it, so I assume this old place will fall down and I hate for that to happen. If I owned the property I would have it torn down and build a small house or put a trailer on it.

I have been really depressed and disheartened with it in the wintertime. Probably will be selling just about everything. If you need anything, hit me up. I probably have it. Appliances will go last since I will need them for a bit longer.

I guess when I moved here I expected people to be like they were when we were kids, but life has moved on and people do not care about their family and neighbors like they did back the. You are lucky to speak or wave at you and to get anything done. You have to pay to have it done, and a person on fixed income has a rough time making it.

Mitchell Donovan Gilley died March 12. He was born October 15, 1960 in Columbus, Ind., to Virginia Ann Johnson Gilley and the late Burdeen Gilley. Services were held March 18 at Jewell Rittman Funeral Home in Columbus with the Rev. Burdell Gilley officiating. He is survived by two sons, his mother, a sister and a brother. My sympathy goes to the family.

Christine Cook died March 23 in Clayton, N.C., age 51. She was born April 9, 1964 to Charles (Audrey) Hammonds of North Vernon, Ind., and Carolyn Chapelo Hammonds of Akron, Ohio. Surviving in addition to her parents are husband John Cook, son Deven Cook of Clayton, daughters Angela Beasley of Willow Spring, Hannah Cook and Kaitlin Cook of Clayton, brother Tim Hammonds of Kenner, La., sister Jenny Hovatter of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and eight grandchildren. My sympathy to the family.

Prayers this week: Danny Adams, Kendall Ison, Johnny Boggs, Lonnie Mullins, Mike Fields, Irene and Eugene Day, Robert Sword, Carrie Brown, Donnie Ratliff from Pike County, Shannon Reeves, Morris Hackney and all my family, neighbors and friends.

Mike is home visiting for awhile. He has a bad ulcer on the bottom of his foot. Pray that the Lord will heal it. He has had a time with that foot. He is trying to sell his building that is behind my house for $5,000. If anyone is interested, please let me know. It will have to be moved. It is wired for electricity, has insulation, ceiling tiles, has a closet built in it and has a front porch. Be ideal for one to two people to live in.

Birthdays: April 1, Joann Fields, Eugene Peters and Marty Hays; April 2, Carol Ison; April 3, Hannah Boggs Day; April 5, Chad Fields, hard to believe my bouncing blue-eyed baby boy will be 41. Momma loves you, Chad, and is proud of the hardworking man you have become. April 7, Tony Maggard; April 9, Pam Fields (my niece) will be 47, love ya, girl; April 9, Morris Hackney will be 67, happy birthday, my friend.

April 7, happy anniversary to Judy and Astor Fields on their 44th anniversary.

Cretia Absher and James Jetta’s little boy will be four years old April 4, and my friend Dorothy Hardebeck has a birthday on April 4.

Hope all of you enjoy your special day.

Well, folks, gotta go. Have a great week. Be good to yourself and one another. Until next time.

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