Whitesburg KY

Christine Fields returns for brother’s funeral

Hello everyone! Missed talking to you all. Finally got settled in Greensburg, Ind., the city I lived in most of my life and a town I truly love. Miss all of you folks.

The transition of moving has been very stressful for this old gal. My diabetes has gotten out of control. Hopefully on the mend now.

So much has happened this the last few months. So much illness and death, including my brother Archie Ray Fields, who has been sick for awhile. I sure do miss him. I came in for the visitation and saw several people at the funeral home.

If I missed you, I am sorry. Did not have time to visit everything happened so fast.

My cousins Audrey and Charles Hammonds paid my way there. I was between paychecks. Audrey was able to visit with our Aunt Irene and Uncle Eugene Day.

Big Cowan

My uncle Isom Fields came over from Morristown, Tenn., Priscilla and Gid Fields, cousins from Otisco, Ind.; cousins Nancy and Sarah and Sarah’s daughter of Cumberland.

Thanks to all the neighbors, family and friends who came out to show your respects.

Glad my sister Kathy Wolfe was able to be there. She is having trouble with her legs. You all are appreciated.

Prayers: Audrey Hammonds, Charles Hammonds, Agnes Maggard, Irene Day, Eugene Day, Astor Fields, Jr., our family, Herman J. Fields, Marie Pendleton, Kathy Wolfe, David Smith, Greg Belcher, Brian Belcher and Ailene Belcher.

Hello to Oma Hatton, Rose Ballard and Bonnie Ingram. All are correspondents for The Mountain Eagle.

Marie Johnson Boyd, formerly of Little Cowan, died recently in Virginia. Prayers for her family. We became telephone friends. She is missed.

Well, I will try to write as often as I can. Have a blessed week. Attend the church of your choice.

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