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Christmas decorations are up all over county


Hello everyone – I hope all are staying well.

I’m slowly getting Christmas decorations up. Mike has done quite a bit as he works when I nap. I hope to get everything done this week. I have a lot of things that need to be wrapped. At least I have a few weeks to get caught up.

There are Christmas decorations being displayed all over the county. Ella Caudill, Libby Honeycutt, Helen Roberts and Evelyn Cosgriff drove throughout the county and looked at the decorations. There were a lot of pretty decorations on their drive.

My cousins’ weight loss challenge lasted six months and we are now done. About half of the original participants dropped out but half of us continued through. It took me the whole six months to lose two pounds. Our cousin, Jenny Stigers, was our winner. It seems to be that exercise is the key. Thanks to Anne Carpenter, Kathy LaMonte, Debbie Vice, Jenny Stigers, Susan Ware, Stella Barnett, and Martha Wenning for participating.

Feel better wishes are being sent to Pat Andry.

I want to wish Doris Jean Banks of Little Cowan a merry Christmas.

My brother’s dogs have been showing up daily. One evening Lady came down late. She took a dog biscuit and then left again. About five or ten minutes later, Lady came back. Mike gave her another dog biscuit. We got worried because Lady never comes down after dark. I called my brother to check on him. He said Lady just wanted to go for a late night walk. Buddy and Lady are still entertaining us.

My mom, Emma Lou Caudill Campbell, would have been 91 years old on Dec. 8. She’s still missed after all these years.

This week’s quote: “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched — they must be felt with the heart.”

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