Whitesburg KY

Christmas decorations lining streets


Winter temperatures have consistently set in on us this past week and are supposed to continue well into Wednesday. Today the sun is shining as it has been with many others this week, however it is deceptive to the fact that it is under 50 degrees with a wind chill below 45.

Christmas decorations now line the street lamps in downtown center of 3rd Street and areas around Court Square where the original courthouse sits, now serving as a tourist information center as well as beautiful landmark.

We’ve seen a few heavy frosts and icing of vehicle windows this week, however no snow. Even with a lot of rain on Monday that had cleared up by afternoon and temperatures began dropping into the lower 20s where they have remained overnight all week.

The time change seems to really be agreeing with the kids and it appears some of the adults too. It’s no longer dark when the elementary students go to the bus stop earlier than the middle school and high school kids.

The archery club is practicing again this year although they are awaiting to hear if they will receive financial backing from the school this year and a local sports shop has donated five bows to them. They’ve been practicing in separate groups to have enough bows and arrows to accommodate both new and seasoned club members. Last year it was all self financed by the coach and the students would pay a small $5 or $10 fee when attending a tournament with or at another school.

Congratulations to firsttime parents Jessica Green and Dale Isham on their brand new baby boy Jacob Dale Isham, born Nov. 15. He was 21 inches long and weighed 8 pounds and 2 ounces. Both mom and baby are doing well.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I can already smell the aroma of turkey permeating the air. I can remember every year going to Granny’s and you’d step up on the porch and before the door was even open you could smell all the food and hear everyone talking and laughing and just enjoying being together. It was pretty much the same scenario at Christmas at both grandparents’ homes.

I love this time of year because it’s when you can just wrap up in warm sweaters and have hot chocolate and cookies and muffins. A couple of years ago I actually started baking cookies and brownies and desert bars and homemade fudge from Thanksgiving week all the way through the week of Christmas. The kids and I have already been making homemade hot chocolate and we’re discussing when we will put up the tree and the best location. Usually it is on a table in my office with my store displays, so it serves a dual purpose and is pretty when family, friends and/or customers arrive.

Howie’s mom, Sharon Smith of New Braunfels, Tex., recently underwent to surgery to correct complications with a previous surgery that she had to have due to repeat bouts with breast cancer. Once recovered she will be having both knees replaced, and we hope to see her back in Kentucky soon and able to get around a bit better.

Prayer requests for the family of Anthony Rakes of Marion County, the offi cer who was shot during a routine traffic stop Nov. 14. He died during surgery and the perpetrator was arrested later on in the day. Officer Rakes’s community of Lebanon is greatly mourning the loss of a well loved member of the town.

Other prayer requests this week are: Sharon and David Smith, Bro. Jeff Griggs, Jim Hardesty, Tate and Inez Hampton, Teddy and Naoma Sturgill, Chester and Verna Rayburn of Liberty, June Clark, Kathy Beavers and Kathy Fogle.

I think that covers all of the news this week. May you be abundantly blessed and everyone have a very safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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