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Mostly sunny

Christmas display is worth the drive

Southern Ohio

Happy New Year, everyone!

I awoke to a surprise. It was a winter wonderland of snow! I have a supply of Carnation cream in my cabinet, so if it keeps falling I can make snow cream!

My daughter Anna Nottingham, Jessica, Katelyn, Vickie Power and I all took the drive to see Christmas lights at Christmas Ranch close to Kings Island. It is well worth the drive and the cost of admission to go. The light displays are amazing, and the music is synchronized to the lights. There was a huge bonfire with picnic tables placed around, gift shops, and hot chocolate, along with horse-drawn wagon rides.

As I was walking between my two granddaughters, Jessica and Katelyn, holding each small hand in mine, I said “Let’s dance.” We walked and danced at the same time. Anna told Vickie she didn’t blame her as she walked behind us.

Just before it was time to leave we took the wagon ride. Jessica, Katelyn and I sang ‘Jingle Bells,’ and then afterward we stood by the fire while Anna warmed her toes.

On the way to the car, such a fitting ending to a beautiful few hours, they played the song ‘Santa’s Train’ by Patty Loveless.

My sweetheart granddaughter Jessica cut loose with a hoe-down dance and I joined right in with her on the gravel. Anna was glad that it was dark and not crowded.

We are planning a trip this week to see more Christmas lights if weather permits.

My son Keith Ballard is still in the hospital and is in very serious condition. He is heavily sedated as he pulled the IV’s out two times. His veins are deep and they roll, so they have a difficult time with IVs in the first place.

The doctor called me, asking for verbal permission to put a central line in his neck so they can get more medication. He has only come to a couple of times to know that I am there.

Willamae Boggs has asked me several times how I write a column when I am under so much pressure. I seem to have some kind of inner mechanism that takes over that I do things automatically.

My heart isn’t in anything that I do, because I don’t know what the outcome is going to be with my son. I only know how I feel when he is ill; I feel as if I have lost my best friend.

I have often said, when you think you have troubles look around and someone else is worse.

My heart goes out to the family of Dale and Jean Calihan (son of Johnny and Ann Calihan) in the loss of their daughter, who was only 40 years old.

Ann’s sister Evadean Marcum, who lives in West Virginia, is out of the hospital and is doing a little better. She is afraid to walk as she has a fear of falling. Her husband Lafee Marcum still isn’t doing very well.

Those of you who sent me Christmas cards, please don’t think I don’t appreciate them. I bought two books of stamps and have no idea what I did with them, so you may receive a Christmas card late.

I am so sorry for all the people who are out of electricity in eastern Kentucky. I worry about Willamae and Carl Boggs since Willamae has been ill, then there’s my brother Richie Hall and Wanda and everyone else.

Like I said you think you have problems. I read the Lexington Herald and get so darn aggravated when people take the time to write smart remarks, like why don’t they use their fireplaces? Not every home has fireplaces!

Gwen Huff Farmer has made arrangements to have her knee surgery, but she is anxious about it. Still, she is hoping for some relief of the pain.

Gwen’s friend Bonnie Ingram keeps up with her through my column. Hello Bonnie and all of Gwen’s family, she sends you all her love.

I came home to find a most pleasant greeting on my telephone from a former Big Branch man, Bob Akemon. Bob was really touched by the death of another eastern Kentucky guy, Bobby Ray Shepherd. Bob had tried to get in touch with some of Bobby Ray’s family to no avail. He sends his love and prayers to the family of his old friend Bobby Ray.

I talked to Polly Ann Maucher and she asked me if I knew Bobby Ray Shepherd also. Bob and Polly both mentioned he had a sister named Billie Sue. Polly sends her sympathy to the family.

Polly was telling me about Bobby Ray’s smile, and what a good basketball player he was. Polly went to school with Bobby Ray at Kingdom Come High School.

I received a telephone call from Norma Jean Bates asking for Evelyn Ison’s telephone number, which I gave it to her. Evelyn sent me a beautiful Christmas card thanking me for doing this.

I hope this finds all the former Ison girls and their family getting along well.

Shirley Wells is ecstatic as her granddaughter Ashley Bales is home from the Air Force for Christmas. Ashley spent the afternoon with Shirley. Ashley brought a friend with her for the holidays.

My little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold is very sick, along with my great-granddaughter Samantha Gray who has pneumonia in her left lung.

Betty and Doyle Ison sends happy New Year greetings to Bessie Shepherd at Whitesburg. Bessie is enjoying her life very much since she has retired from her job.

Belated happy birthday (Dec. 20) to my brother Wallace Lee Hall, who is in Letcher Manor Nursing Home. I completely forgot to send him a card. I wonder why?

Well, I need to get this on its way as I am afraid The Mountain Eagle will close due to the holidays.

Until next time: Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4 @aol.com, telephone: 513- 367-4682.

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