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Christmas party was a success

The Christmas party for the Revelation Ranch Heartlight children at the Blackey Senior Citizens building, sponsored by the Women’s Soul Food Club, was a great success with a very large crowd of supporters for the programs.

We have some people who helped us with our treats that we want to thank: Judge/Executive Jim Ward, who is always willing to help and support a good cause; Circuit Court Clerk Margaret Nichols; County Court Clerk Winston Meade; and Letcher County Sheriff Danny Webb.

The county officials go above and beyond the call of duty for our county and we are blessed to have people like this in charge of running our county.

Also, we want to thank the Blackey Improvement Committee for its generous donation. This group of people is easy to work with. We all have a common goal to make our community a better place to live.

The Pardos and Stricklands are getting recognized by many churches in our area on the good work they are doing. That just goes to show that when you do something good to help children and teach them about God, people pay attention.

I hope the Letcher County community will give them the support they need to continue this project. I think we are going to see a children’s program developing like nothing we have ever had before in Letcher County.

Mr. Pardo said he would like to see 1,000 children in this program. And by the grace of God and good people, I think we will see this happen.

In the meantime, Calvary Campus is asleep again. I pass by every day and never see movement anywhere. I guess it will take another eight years for it to wake up again, and that is so sad because that is such a beautiful place and a very expensive piece of property to just lay dormant when it could be used for something beneficial to our local community.

One suggestion is make it a drug rehab center. That is needed in Letcher County.

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