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Christmas play was best ever

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well. I think it’s been a good week except for the funerals.

I was sorry to hear of the death of Bro. Eligah Sandlin, a longtime friend and preacher. I’ve known all his family for many years. I went to the funeral. Bro. Larry Van Hatton of North Vernon, Ind., was the preacher.

Frieda Campbell and her dad, Glen Brown, were there. It was good seeing them.

Sandra and Billy Hatton had an early Christmas with all their family at the lake house. They had a good visit with their son, Joseph Hatton. They all enjoyed it.

Our church, Whitco Pentecostal Church, had its Christmas play on Dec. 20. It was the best one I had ever seen. We sure have some talented people in our church. We are so proud of them. We had a packed house and the decorations were beautiful, and we had some good refreshments afterwards.

It was good seeing Gertrude Tyree there. I got to know her and love her when Clyde was in Letcher Manor. She was taking care of everyone.

It was also good seeing Lorraine and John Sexton there; their son David Sexton was one of our stars. I hope Hollywood doesn’t steal him and all the rest. They all played their parts perfectly. I can’t call all their names there were so many. Whitesburg

Aggie Hatton is still very sick, and also Shirley Niece. They need prayer. We sure miss them in church so we are saving their seats.

My son, Astor ‘Red’ Hatton of Georgetown, visited with his daughter, Jennifer Eldridge, and her family and had an early Christmas with them and had a good time. They live in Russell.

Betty Tyree came out and we had a good visit. I enjoy company, but people don’t visit much anymore. I miss all the old times when we sat on our porches and watched our children playing in the yard.

It seems like we don’t have time anymore for things like that. I thought these were the golden years, but I manage to be happy and content with whatever. I told someone the other day that I couldn’t remember ever being bored. I promise you that’s true.

I can always find something to do if I look for it, and sometimes I don’t, and that’s fine with me too.

I talked to my friend, Iva J. Cheatham, in Stanford. She’s an old Marlowe friend. Our kids grew up together. We even talked about Emma Lou Engle and Rose Ballard, a good talk. I thought Emma sounded like she wasn’t feeling well.

I told her I had met her, and she looked like a model with that pretty, white hair and that navy blue suit.

Earl Proffit had been back in the hospital for three days. I was visiting him, his wife, Juanita and his daughter, Doris Miller. Juanita’s daughter, Sheila Brown of Clintwood, Va., was to visit with her on her birthday, Dec. 24.

It was also my son, Rob Hatton’s, birthday. He was the best Christmas gift I ever got.

Last week I put in the paper that the American Legion Cemetery had been vandalized. A lady who works there called and told me that two elderly ladies had driven down in there and got stuck and they had to get someone to come and get them out. That’s what did all the damage, and they were going to have it fixed up.

I was very torn up when I saw it. That is one of the prettiest and well taken care of cemeteries I’ve ever seen. My husband Clyde Hatton, for years on his off days from work went up and mowed it free when there were just a few graves there.

He would stay all day and I would take lunch up there and we would have a picnic. We put our stone up there years ago. He’s been buried there for over two years.

I was relieved to find out it wasn’t done deliberately. It was very wet and muddy and they were there to put flowers on their loved ones’ graves.

It was good talking with my nephew, Paul Hatton. He called to tell me it was Margaret Hatton’s birthday. I didn’t know it. Late happy birthday, Margaret. She’s my niece and I love her.

I got a call from my cousin, Ruby Jean Howard, in Ft. Wayne, Ind. She was doing pretty well. Her son Bill had been having some health problems, but was doing better.

She said Dexter Howard’s wife Brenda was not doing very well and needed everyone’s prayers, and also Bayless Caudill.

Still pray for Earl and Juanita Profitt.

My sisters Louise, Kathleen and Betty all said they had a good Christmas. I surely did! I had Christmas with Larry and Linda and their children Wendy and Kevin Day, and sons Rocky, Larry and Chris, and Sara Hatton and their children Beau, Brooke and Gracie.

We had a big Christmas, the biggest I’ve ever had. I’ve got so much to be thankful for, especially the reason for the season, which most people seemed to have forgotten. People seemed to have lost the meaning. Now it seems to be all in getting things.

I hope all of you had a merry Christmas and will have a happy and safe New Year for you and your family.

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