Whitesburg KY




Isom IGA owner Gwendolyn Christon and employees gladly loaded the vehicle of the Whitesburg Food Pantry with bags of food purchased by the local community. “Caring for our Community Food Drive” began Dec. 8 with the surrounding Isom IGA patrons responding overwhelmingly by purchasing 150 food bags for local residents, to be distributed by the Whitesburg Food Pantry. The bags contained IGA brand products including peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, canned chicken and tuna, rice, green beans, pear halves, cracker and chicken noodle soup. The food pantry serves around 150 local families weekly and Isom IGA representatives said the store is proud to be a sponsor for those in need in the community. The drive will continue through Jan. 1, so others may also help. Isom IGA thanks the participants for making the drive so successful. Pictured are (left to right) Phillip Breeding, Wanda Hatton, Isom IGA owner Gwen Christon, food pantry coordinator Freda Campbell, food pantry volunteer Shorty Sexton, David Sexton, Kim Combs, Mildred Carver and Lisa Walters.

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