Whitesburg KY

Christmas time brings back memories of our childhood


We just want to wish everyone a healthy, happy Christmas.

Christmas time makes me want to go back to my Santa Claus days. Oh! What joy Christmas was at our house.

The cooking and spicy smells filled the whole house. We really celebrated Christmas.

We were lucky to got a 15- cent or 25-cent toy and a present at school. Children today would throw what we treasured in the trash, but not us.

We could hardly contain the excitement until Christmas morning.

Such precious memories I have of Christmas time as a child, but Santa never missed a Christmas.

I am not writing much, just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas and hope every child’s eyes will light up this Christmas 2007.

May God bless everyone and hope your Christmas is a happy one. Watch out for that man in the red suit and send him to our house.

As the saying goes, “Merry Christmas to all and to all good night.” God bless everyone everywhere. Remember whose birthday we are celebrating, the greatest man who ever walked the earth, Jesus Christ.

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