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Christmas tree thrown away after 20 years

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Kyle Nottingham celebrated his 10th birthday on Jan. 20. Kyle is the son of Scott and Anna Nottingham, and the grandson of Rose Ballard, who wishes him a belated happy birthday.

Kyle Nottingham celebrated his 10th birthday on Jan. 20. Kyle is the son of Scott and Anna Nottingham, and the grandson of Rose Ballard, who wishes him a belated happy birthday.

Hello everyone!

Has everyone taken their all their Christmas decorations down? I finally got the energy to take my Christmas tree down. I had a decision to make, and I must say it made me sad.

I’ve used this tree over 20 years. It was pre-lit, very beautiful, and expensive, except it came on clearance at J.C. Penney Outlet. There was only a few, and I was lucky enough to get one.

Over the years the lights quit working. I had no one to put fuses in or whatever needed done, so I put strands of lights, with all my decorations. I could have used bare branches.

The tree has been shedding for some time, but each time I would get it decorated I would decide to keep it another year.

One night this week I became very ill. I had the tree down, had it wrapped for Keith to take downstairs, and all at once it dawned on me that with my health issues, I may not be here next Christmas. This is one thing that is taking up space and Keith will just have to get rid of, so the tree was put in the garbage.

I could say happy winter as the temperature sure has dropped overnight, but we have an inch or so of snow so far this winter. As of right now the temperature is in the single digits, and the sun is shining so that makes it look warmer than it is.

It is difficult to believe we are near the end of January, although this seems as if it has been a month that is never going to end. If the date of the year didn’t appear on some things, I would think we were still in 2020.

I must confess sometimes I really can’t distinguish between the days of the week. I’m glad I never had a problem with being alone, as I could very easily become a hermit.

It was sort of hard for me to adapt when Keith came home to live. It has been almost three years, I am really glad at times that Keith is here, as so many times things have happened that I couldn’t take care of by myself, and would have cost me a fortune, Keith could fix

Some little things that I wanted and never asked someone to for me, like putting a security light in the yard. I came home to find a light erected in a tree in the side yard, where I park my car. Keith somehow put a ladder in the tree and attached two security lights that work by a timer.

Now he still teases me about the mailbox, as he put a new mailbox up with two openings, one in the back so you don’t have to go out of the yard. I didn’t discover this for almost two years, as I would walk out of the yard, finally one day as I was working in the yard, I paid close attention and opened up the door. Oh, did I feel stupid.

There have been beautiful pictures of the snow in the mountains of eastern Kentucky that is home in my heart.

Thanks to everyone who has captured the beauty of Pine Mountain and other places, as I never ever intend on seeing these in person.

Oh there’s one thing I would absolutely love to do if it was possible, to have enough supplies and be able to spend a week or so at Cavalry Campus just to watch the snow and stay until the roads were clear and head back to the flatlands.

I’ve been asked by a few why I don’t stay with friends when I am in the mountains.

With my health issues I don’t want to impose on anyone as I am so restless at night. It is so peaceful at the campus as I watch the animals, or just be in my room with no interruptions of the television. Even though I can turn it off at home, it isn’t the same.

I am so anxiously waiting for springtime to get here and maybe this pandemic will ease so I can once again head to the mountains I call home. Although I have reservations that things will improve very much for the next year or so.

There are times music videos from Carcassonne Community Square Dance and Campbell’s Branch show on my computer. Oh, how much pleasure it brings me. Just to go back there again even though it would be just to watch, would bring so much joy.

Mike and Marcia Caudill do so much to keep Carcassonne Community Center going all through the year. Music was year round until this coronavirus. Meantime, at Campbell’s Branch Community Center, Darlene and Fred and Alice Campbell keep busy making sure everything is up and running.

I am so thankful there are places like this to go to, as you don’t have to worry about drinking or someone doing drugs.

As quick as it gets warm, and there’s no chance of snow, you better believe my feet will overtake my brain and I will be heading to the mountains. Even if it is just a day trip, which I have done before.

Things have improved so much for Johnny and Ann Calihan, as I said before. Prayers have been answered, so please keep the prayers continued.

Hello to Buddy and Bernice Grubb and their grandson Mike. Buddy and Bernice had no problems getting their COVID vaccine.

I hope everyone stays safe.

Les and Pat Wagner, maybe things will improve and I will get to see you two before long.

Belated happy birthday to my grandson Kyle Nottingham, who was 10 years old on Jan. 20.

Another grandson, Bennie Wiederhold, will be 14 years old Jan. 30. Bennie is my sidekick. I should say Bennie was my sidekick, as I don’t see him very much.

There really isn’t much very interesting to write about.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Oh. 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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