Whitesburg KY

Christmas weather hasn’t arrived

Southern Ohio

Merry, merry Christmas everyone!

With the weather we are having in this area it sure doesn’t seem like Christmas, though we have been getting quite a bit of freezing fog early of the morning. I hope it continues with the same mild temperatures until springtime.

I finally had to get my propane tank filled. I sure hope it last through the winter months.

It really doesn’t feel as if it should be that time of year though Christmas decorations have been up since Halloween!

I have finally gotten my tree up, and almost decorated. It seems I just don’t have the interest that I thought I would have. I help a friend decorate her house and love doing it as it looks like a museum when I am finished with it.

There’s so much sadness in this world that I can’t seem to find the happy point in my life that I need to find.

The news of the massacre of the children has torn me apart, just thinking of my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold along with my other grandchildren.

My son Keith Ballard stopped by to see if I was all right, and he scrubbed the rest of the vinyl siding that algae had covered. Then Keith washed his car and I am not sure but I think he washed mine.

I tease Keith because he sure isn’t someone who really cares about holidays for personal reasons so when he came into the house while I was working on my Christmas tree, he actually was laughing before he left out.

Keith stopped at a place in northern Kentucky to get gas, and as he was paying for it inside, he said some woman came into the business wearing a black Santa outfit who said, “Bah humbug!” She told everyone she hated Christmas!

Keith said as he left the business he looked at her and smiled and said merry Christmas. I told him he should have asked her name and phone number as it sounded like he met a good match. I think he has a little of his mom hidden somewhere deep inside because that would be something I would do.

I am so sorry to say that Johnny and Ann Calihan’s daughter Sue Wagoner have been very ill.

I haven’t talked to Ann very much since Thanksgiving as we both have been very busy. Sue came from South Carolina to visit her parents and became seriously ill in just a matter of seconds. Sue spent several days in Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati and will have to take it easy for a long time.

Ann is very glad that Sue was home with her when this happened as there’s such a distance between them, plus Sue and Lauren’s doctors are in the Cincinnati area.

Sue was a very sick woman and is actually lucky to be alive, so please keep her and the family in your prayers.

Betty Ison sure has been having a rough time for the past several months as she spent a couple of days in Dearborn County Hospital.

Betty is having a knee replacement. I really hope it stops the pain she has been suffering. It is so hard to watch her hurting when I am visiting her as Betty has always been so active.

Doyle is really doing great as he has completely recovered from his bypass surgery. There are few things that he has to take it sort of easy doing, like heavy lifting.

Gwen Huff Farmer and her son Glen Farmer Jr. made a short visit to Somerset to see Gwen’s sister Ailene, who is in the hospital and very ill.

Gwen lives so far away from her family and doesn’t drive anymore, so it is very hard for her. Glen Jr. has been having some health issues also.

I talked to my friend Shirley Wells for a little while, and it is always a pleasure for me.

Happy birthday to Barb Jones on Dec. 25 from my brother Richie Hall as he will be calling me to make sure that I mentioned your name.

I am sure by this time Barb would have already had her special peanut butter fudge made for Richie and Rick Jones along with Mark Roark, who is the second best looking man on Ingrams Creek. As we know Bruce Jones is the best looking of all the guys and I must not leave out Kenny Day were all really close.

Richie also talked about Austin Miller and Shawn Stamper. He would tell me often about someone named ‘Big Will Caudill’ being so great on the guitar. I thought he meant William Caudill of Route 7 Band, and then during Blackey Days I heard the other Will Caudill.

I didn’t speak to him because I didn’t realize who he was until I was back home in Ohio.

Jon Caudill of 7 South Band just won’t agree to let me work for him while he plays the guitar and sings for me. I think that is a pretty good deal!

If anyone needs remodeling or repairs, check out Jon Caudill Construction at Jeremiah.

The flu bug seems to have come in full force early this year as several of my family has been sick. My daughter Anna Nottingham and all the kids have been sick.

I need to get back over to see the kids this week as I don’t do shopping any more. I just give Anna money to buy the gifts with.

For those of you who may be interested, I had a few more copies of my book ‘The Beauty of a Rose’ printed. These may be the last copies I have reprinted, except I am going to put a few aside of my grandchildren.

When my oldest granddaughter Jennifer Proctor was in junior high school, Jennifer wore the covers off two books as she would take it to school.

Oma Hatton, I hope you are doing okay. I mean to call you and somehow the time slips away.

Emma Engle, I look forward to reading your column to see how you and Red are perking, along with Oma’s column to see how you two are doing.

Belated happy birthday wishes to Larry Hasty of Middletown. Larry celebrated his birthday at Red Robin, a really nice place, along with his beautiful wife Rebecca ‘Becky’, their daughter Polly and sweet Kelly, their son Billy and his wife and daughter. Yep! I did it again, as I didn’t get their names.

My adopted sister Pat and Les Wagner were there, and you got it, so was I.

Red Robin is really a unique place to eat, although a bologna sandwich would taste good just to be around this family. I may change my mind when they head for Florida and I am left behind.

I really am very fortunate to meet and be able to call so many people friends, and I mean friends, not just acquaintances.

I am sorry this column isn’t newsworthy. I can honestly say I am struggling to even think of something to write about, as there’s too much sadness in my heart.

In closing I do want to remind everyone who reads this, regardless of the situation in your personal life, tell your children how much you love them.

I told my daughter that our family is going to have a meal together under the same roof if it means we have to go to McDonald’s and sit in different corners, just to say we all ate together.

I will even let someone put a piece of tape over my mouth and tie my hands behind my back. Oh heck, what am I saying? I would mange somehow to let my eyes do the talking.

Merry Christmas everyone. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd, Harrison, Ohio 45030 email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone: 513- 367-4682.

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