Whitesburg KY

Christmas will be here soon

Hello everyone! Hoping all had a good and happy Thanksgiving. Now December is upon us, and Christmas will be here soon.

Birthdays this month are: Linda Polly on Dec. 1; James Polly, Dec. 5; Chris Adams, Dec. 12; Joseph Grindstaff, Dec. 13; Marty Fields will be 12 years old on Dec. 16; and Leah Grace Nicely will be 7 years old, and Beth Boggs Eldridge will have a birthday, both on Dec. 17.

In memory of this week: Mary Lou Turner died six years ago on Dec. 1; Margie Sturgill died two years ago on Dec. 2; Melinda “Kay-Kay” Daniel would have been 44 years old, and James E. Fields died two years ago (always in my heart), both on Dec. 3; Earl and Hazel Rayburn would have been married 71 years on Dec. 6; Mary Fields (my mother) would have been 92 on Dec. 13, and she and Dad would have been married 72 years on Dec. 7. I sure do miss them.

Big Cowan

Ella Maggard’s birthday would have been on Dec. 13; Marty Allen Fields died at the age of 16 on Dec. 14 and would be 41 now; Elijah Sandlin died four years ago on Dec. 14; and Michael Rayburn died three years ago, and Marvin Taylor Sr. would have had a birthday, both on Dec. 16.

All are missed very much by all who knew and loved them.

Happy anniversary to Gloria and Jack Rogers on Nov. 29.

I saw the precious granddaughter of Dorothy Frazier, baby Penelope. She is a doll.

Prayers this week for Lonnie Mullins, Irene and Eugene Day, Agnes Maggard, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, Linda Brown, Jeannie and Frank Adams, all the homeless, shut-ins, drug and alcohol addicts, our country, our churches, and Brenda Slone.

Well, I’ve got to go until next time. Have a good week, attend the church of your choice and pray for someone.

May God bless.

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