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Christmas will be slimmer for most


Hello everyone.

There has been a lot going on at our little center. As with life, some good — some bad.

One of our dearest little ladies went home to heaven this week. Margie Sturgill was a special friend to many. At our center she will be very missed. She was a great mother, quilter and homemaker.

She was a member of our center for some 25 years. I would not want to have to launder all the quilts she had worked on in her life. There would be several days’ work in that.

Margie cooked Sunday dinner for her family every week for as long as she was able to get around. She was a good cook. I ate at her table a lot when I was growing up.

Also, a very special hello to Loreva Fields who is a resident at Letcher Manor. We miss her a lot and talk of her at the center. Loreva, we will be to visit soon.

So much illness and death. Another loss for Cowan was James Fields. His wife Christine is a reporter for this paper. Our hearts go out to her and her family.

On a lighter not, we have plans for several events this month. December is always a busy time for everyone.

Christmas this year will be a little slimmer for almost everyone. Ours will be very slim, but we will have fun, of that I’m sure. We will be together and warm, fed and sheltered. Some, no many, are not so fortunate.

Plan time with loved ones whether it be a meal, a game or just a long phone call to those far away. That will mean more than a present. Even children will love your time more than a gift.

I need to get this to the paper, but remember in this season to smile, have fun and love those close to you.

Start a tradition that’s easy and is you. I always wear jingle bells on my shoes. Have done this for years. People always smile when they hear me coming. Some even stop to speak. So simple and yet makes someone happy. Not a bad return for a pair of bells.

Take care of yourselves and smile. Your smile may be the only one someone sees today.

Until next week. Love you. Pass it on.

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