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Church follows tradition of singing in new year


The New Year has arrived and I seem to be stuck back in 2007 trying to catch up. Visiting Francine Caudill recently from Louisville were her mother and sister, Mary Lou Combs and Donna Frazier, and her husband Lyle. Francine and Donna visited their aunt, Mallie Hobbs, at Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

Before Christmas, Don, Coreen and Ellis Keith (Keitzi) Pridemore and I invited Rodney and Geraldine Ison up to the old Sycamore School for a fish fry. Geraldine brought dessert and the fish was given to us by Toby and Colleen Breeding. We enjoyed a good meal and each other’s company, which made for a nice holiday visit. We also invited Lee and Wilma Pridemore, but they couldn’t make it.

Recently Don and Coreen Pridemore and Bob and myself spent a night at the Barren River State Park. On the way back home on Saturday, we stopped at Cracker Barrel at Corbin to see our daughter, Jessie. There had been a fire on Friday night in the kitchen, but when we were there everything was pretty well back to normal. While at Cracker Barrel, we saw Letcher County residents Jeff Bates and his wife.

The Mt. Olivet Church had its annual singing the old year in and the new year in on New Year’s Eve. The crowd has changed through the years since a lot of the older folks who used to attend have passed away and a new generation of folks has come in.

Berma Matthews took Berlene Smith to visit her mother at Corbin. They went to visit before Christmas.

Sorry to hear about Coman and Flaurie Caudill’s recent mishap at home and hope both are recovering.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Mary Watts Ison of Linefork, who died January 3, one day before her 93rd birthday, at her daughter, Margie’s, home in Indiana. Mary was the widow of Elder Manus Ison and for the last few years had lived in Indiana where her children could take care of her. She was well loved by all who knew her, especially her large family and many kinfolk and friends. Mary had been a member of the Cedar Grove Church for over 37 years and that is where her funeral was held with a large crowd present to pay their final respects to Sister Mary Ison.

Our sympathy also goes to the family of John Roark. John was the son of the late John and Dana Blair Roark of Perkins Branch. Our sympathy also goes out to the family of Eric Back.

Sorry I missed last week’s deadline, so the above column is carried over. Our families have had a lot of health problems going on for the last week, as have many other families. My dad, Don Pridemore, fell on the snow and ice and broke his collarbone. He is in some pain but continues to be out and about, staying busy. His brother, Lee, is also having some health problems. Bob’s mother, Opal Banks, had to spend a few days last week in the hospital.

We also send get well wishes to Lori Adams of Blair Branch, Margaret Bowling of Doty Creek, Lee Hatton, Bob Creech and to Lori Richardson, whose son Easton James, was stillborn at the Whitesburg Hospital. Lori and her husband, Terry, are heartbroken, as are the grandparents and great-grandparents. The baby was laid to rest at the Burton Hill Cemetery at Letcher.

I’ve been having some e-mail problems or should I say, “Bob has”, but maybe we’ve got things straight now and can get my column caught up to date. Lance Breeding helped me to decide that it was all Bob’s fault.

There will be an 80th birthday party for Virginia Dare Back on February 2. It will be at the Blackey Missionary Baptist Church from 12 to 2 p.m. Everyone is welcomed and, please, no gifts.

Recently, Bob Adams of Michigan, formerly of Jeremiah, died due to cancer. He was the son of Otis Adams and the late Ina Adams.

Ivan Adams had surgery on his knee recently and the surgery was a little worse than the doctors had said but he is recuperating at home now. Coreen Pridemore and I went by to visit him and Freda.

Pressie Adams’s daughter, Brenda, has been in visiting with her mother this past week. She also made the trip to the head of Blair Branch to visit her brother, Buzz, and his wife, Carla.

We were all sorry to hear of the tragic accident that took Tim Fields’s life Jan. 14. A large crowd attended the funeral services, which were held at the Blair Branch Church. Tim lived and was raised behind Letcher School. Our sympathy goes out to his wife, Delana, and their two children, to his dad and mom, Johnny and Donna Fields, and to all of his loved ones. We know Tim’s neighbors, who had watched him grow up, will also miss him so much. Tim was a very special friend to the late Hawk Dixon. May God be with them during this hard time in their lives.

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