Whitesburg KY

Church has successful car wash


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

There’s been a lot of sickness in our family. Judy spent a couple of days in the hospital and then her son Jerome Hatton was in the hospital. They are both out now and doing OK. I know Judy is enjoying having two of her grandchildren with her at the lake.

My sister Louise Shepherd had cataract surgery on her eye but is OK now.

We offer our sympathy to the family of L.T. Miller. He was a Marlowe boy. His wife was the late Wanda Stidham, daughter of the late Nora and Harrison Stidham, and L.T.’s father was Lester Miller, who was killed in Marlowe Mines a long time ago.

I went to the visitation of L.T. and got to see some friends there. The Pennington girls were all there, Dorthy Tacket, Pearl Noble and Linda Hall, and Charlene Mason. I’m always glad to see them. I met some more friends there. I’m not going to start naming names, I’ll miss some. I enjoyed all the nice things they said about my news and really appreciated it. One said she would like to meet Rose Ballard.

Little Harrison Stidham was there looking good! I enjoyed meeting the sons of L.T., Coy Wayne and William.

My brother, Hillard Howard and wife Marsha, came in from Florida and their son Ben Howard of Pikeville. We all got together at Howard’s Carpet store and had Lee’s chicken and biscuits and a good time. About all our family was there, Bobby Ray Howard and wife Debbie and son Caleb, Jack and John and Charles, Louise Shepherd, Kathleen Brock and husband Earnest, Betty Tyree and me of course. We enjoy getting together. Also my son Larry Hatton was there so of course there was a lot of talking and laughing going on. Hubert had a doctor’s appointment and Judy and Joanne couldn’t make it. Just eat your heart out! They would have loved to be there.

I just found out my pastor’s wife Alicia is in the hospital and needs prayer.

I ran into Judy Maggard at Family Dollar. I hadn’t seen her in a long time. She always been a hardworking girl. I’ve always liked her. She is taking care of Gerry (Smith) Haynes now.

I also ran into Roy Wayne Brown and his wife Lisa. I love meeting them! She always has pretty pictures to show me.

I also need to tell everyone Bro. David Miller of Dayton, Ohio, will be at our church, Whitco Pentecostal Faith Church, where Bro. John Conn is pastor. He and the whole congregation welcome everyone to come. Bro. David used to be here and we all loved him. He is a good preacher and singer and we are excited that he’s coming on Friday night, June 27. Mark it on your calendar.

I enjoyed going to a baby shower at Cowan Community Center on Friday evening for Gabrielle Adams. We got to see the baby! Of course she was beautiful and she got a lot of nice gifts. The food was so good! Best of all was seeing all the people there I hadn’t seen in a while.

I had a dental appointment earlier and came home with one tooth less. I had never met Dr. David Narramore, but I really liked him and he didn’t hurt me and he did a good job. I recommend him. I found out he knew all my family and reads my news every week. I appreciate that. I try to tell it like it is. I never want to embarrass anyone or make anyone mad.

Our church wants to thank everyone who helped with our car wash on Saturday. They made almost $400 to help our young people go to Bible Camp and maybe to the zoo.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere if you are able.

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