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Church homecoming draws a large crowd


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. This has been a great week.

Our church homecoming has been real good and I’ve got to go all week and enjoyed it so much. There’s been a good crowd every night. A lot of folks I had never met. They come from all over.

Our good friend Bro. Wendell Pittman came all the way from Missouri. We really appreciated it. He and his beautiful wife have been coming for about 18 years and I have been blessed to attend every one of them.

We will be having a big homecoming dinner on Sunday at the church. I know it will be good.

I was glad to see some good friends there, Bro. Randall “Buck” Adams and wife Ralpha, and I know they enjoyed it. They have been our friends for many years. We are glad the Bible study at Dairy Queen will be back on Wednesday. Bro. Tony Brown has had knee surgery and we are so glad he’s better, and we have really missed it.

My granddaughter Wendy (Hatton) Day has a birthday on Sunday. We are so proud of her and the work she is doing, and she loves it. She’s helping a lot of people.

Have I told you how proud I am of all of my grandchildren? Of course I have. I’m proud of all my family.

Our Hatton reunion will be on Aug. 23 at Cowan Community Center. All you Hattons get ready. They are scattered all over the place. There are a lot of them, and also a lot of them are no longer with us, and we surely miss them at the reunions. Some of their children and grandchildren come. There’s always a big crowd there.

My sister Louise Shepherd has been back in the hospital again. She’s home now, but not doing well. She needs everyone’s prayers.

My son Billy Hatton and wife Sandra had a bad wreck coming home from their lake house. I’m thankful they were not hurt bad, but they are sore and they are still being checked out.

My son Larry and Linda are at their camper for a few days, and also Wendy and Kevin Day and their son Larry Kevin are there. I’m sure they are enjoying being together.

My son Astor and Rosemary have been enjoying granddaughter Sonya Bevins, who spent a few days with them. She lives in Olive Hill.

Rob has had a good time this summer with visits from his son Dr. Kevin Hatton and family, and with daughter Rocki Hill and her family. Rob sure enjoys that.

The Whitesburg High School Class of 1965 had their 50th reunion at the Shriners’ building and had breakfast at the Pine Mountain Grill the next morning, and had a great time. Of course, they had to have some of our Marlowe people in it. Mahala (Reynolds) Frazier and her husband Sonny were there, and Jack and Donna Howard, Ronnie Necessary and his wife Sarah. Mahala, Jack and Ronnie rode the school bus together.

I hadn’t heard anything of Ronnie Necessary in many years. He is a son of the late Deliah and Frank Necessary, and now lives in Richmond, Va., and is a CPA.

Of course Jack ( my brother) stayed close by, and Mahala, also. I’ve got to find out more about this.

Ronnie is a brother of Sharon (Necessary) Webb, the wife of our Sheriff Danny Webb, and a great friend of mine. Ronnie has two other sisters, Opal and Mildred. Thank you, Mahala, for telling me this.

I just heard that my sister Louise is back in the hospital. She is not doing well. Please pray for her and her family.

The Shepherd family reunion was on Saturday at Cowan Community Center. She was hoping to get to see Jan and Curt Boggs’s relatives. She loved them and hadn’t seen them in awhile. I think they are visiting her at the hospital today, and she will be glad to see them.

My good friend Dorthy Tacket has been on the road again with her daughters, Charlene Mason and Jeanette Yonts and her sisters, Linda Hall and Pearl Noble. They visited her ex-sisterin law, Mary, in Ohio, and had a good time.

They always visit her every year and I think Master’s Harmony had a singing there. Charlene is a great singer. They are a good group.

There was another one on the trip, Jeanette’s granddaughter, Drew.

I’d like to say hello to all my misplaced friends, Anna Watkins, Irene and Elzie Ray Hatton, Bertha Day, Ada King and Claudine Sturgill.

I hope you are all doing well. I’m having a hard time keeping up with all of you, but I think of all of you often.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere if you are able.

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