Whitesburg KY

Church memorial services planned

Everyone is welcome to attend the memorial services for deceased members of the Blair Branch Church on Sunday, Jun. 18. The names of the deceased members will be read off at about 10 that morning and, after services, dinner will be served.

“Dinner on the Ground” it used to be called, but that was before the churches had kitchens built on.

Barney and Lela Back and Paul and April Stevens recently set out on a trip together and visited many states and tourist attractions along the eastern and northeastern parts of the U.S. According to the pictures and talking with them about their vacation, they had a great trip.

A memorial service was held at the Whitaker Cemetery for Ronnie Dean Caudill, who recently passed away. Debbie and Buck Adams brought Ronnie’s mother, Irene Jent, who stays with them in Indiana, home for her son’s and Debbie’s brother’s service. Many in this area attended as well.


Buck and Debbie also came back in this past weekend for Buck’s family reunion with sisters, brothers and kin, and also attended the Spring Branch Cemetery Memorial on Sunday.

I still miss Ray Dean Adams when we meet at the cemetery. He was always there and did so much work around the cemetery.

Also, since Jim and Ruby Ashley’s daughters, Geraldine and Shirley and their husbands all moved to South Carolina, we miss seeing them at the memorial.

“ Tut” and Angie Ison Webb have been on vacation to Niagara Falls and other areas, and while gone, Angie celebrated a birthday.

It’s vacation time and I have seen where many have been visiting various beaches.

Arnetta Mae Slone has been having problems with her back lately, and is waiting on an appointment in Lexington. I hope they can work her in soon.

Sympathy to the families of Clifford Blair, and also Ken Fuller, who have both passed away since I wrote last.

Richard Smith is doing well after his recent hip replacement and has already been cleared by the doctor to start driving again. Libby has been taking good care of him during his recuperation.

Tommy Harris Smith continues to be in need of prayer. He’s been having health problems, and we’ve all been concerned about him. Anna Lou, Mary Jo Blair and Berma Matthews have been spending lots of time with him.

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