Whitesburg KY

Church picnic at Carr Creek Lake


Dr. Jonathan and Andrea Hatton are pictured with their daughter, Kate.

Dr. Jonathan and Andrea Hatton are pictured with their daughter, Kate.

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

Here I come, ready or not. I hope you have the time to sit and have a cup of coffee with me. I have mine right here.

I went to Letcher Manor a few days ago and the ambulance brought a friend of mine. Buggy Adams of Isom had fallen and got hurt and was up there for rehab. Her daughter was with her.

I was going to Georgetown with my son Larry Hatton and wife Linda, and haven’t had a chance to go back up there and see how she is.

Larry had an appointment in Lexington and we stayed at the home of my son, Astor ‘Red’ Hatton and his wife Rosemary, and my son Rob Hatton came from Owensboro to visit with us so I got to be with all of them for three days. I loved that.

We had a very good visit and we went to visit Rob’s daughter, Rocki Hill, in Lexington. I hadn’t got to meet my latest grandson, Daniel Hill, and he was like the rest of my grandchildren, ‘beautiful,’ like his big sister, Elise.

We sure enjoyed seeing them. Dad, Matt, was at work and we didn’t get to see him

I hope that Aggie Hatton is doing okay. I’ll try to go up tomorrow and see her.

I was sorry to hear of the death of Opal Holbrook. Her funeral was last week. I’ve got to find out what all went on while I was gone.

Our church had a picnic at Carr Creek Lake last Sunday, and I didn’t get to go. I’m sure I missed out on the fun and some great food. Our ladies sure know how to cook, and it also looks pretty. Mine usually doesn’t. I guess I’m out of style and too old to change.

I got a call from Marie Boyd in Virginia. She lived in Marlowe a long time ago. Her husband was Paul Boyd. He died, I believe she said seven years ago. She gets The Eagle and seemed to know everyone here. She has lots of relatives around here. She’s not in real good health, but is doing okay.

We talked a long time. She knew most of my family. I enjoyed talking with her. We’ll talk again. She said she enjoyed all the writers in The Eagle and reads them all

She asks about Rose Ballard and Emma Lou Engle, and she talked about Elsie Banks and her sisters. She knew them all. A lot of the people are her relatives.

I’ve not got around much and really don’t know everything that went on while I was gone.

May God bless all of you, and try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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