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Church quilt is welcome gift

Northeast Ohio

Hello to everyone here and there. I wish all of you well and hope you’re having a good week.

We have new live-in help now, and boy is she feeding us lots of good old country food. Maybe I’ll gain some much-needed weight.

We’ve also been having company from Jenkins, Red’s brother Charles and wife Delores. So glad to see them.

Our daughter/niece Lena Stallard is our cook. She lived with us about seven years.

I want to thank the members of The First Church of God in Neon for a most precious gift of a beautiful prayer quilt. Wish I knew all the names so I could mention each and every one.

I love it and slept under it as soon as Delores spread it over me. I felt so good and had a nice peaceful sleep.

Other visitors were Richard and Georgia; Debbie and her two, Cassie and Ben; Ricky and Joyce and their four, Lauren, Jordan, Bailee and Brandon. Lauren’s boyfriend Joe was also with them.

Jordan graduated from Clearview High School and everyone was together for the occasion.

Cassie and Lauren have the most beautiful singing voices and sang some songs for me, including “Beulah Land,” “Farther Away” and “Amazing Grace.” Thank you girls very much.

If I could tell a lie I would say I’m much better and so is Red, but it just isn’t so.

I just talked to Jeanie, she is so good to call and check on us.

Hello to a lady from Sergent in Letcher County, now living in Indiana. I can’t remember your name, but I really did enjoy talking with you.

I am running of steam and need to lie down, so until next time be good, be happy, stay healthy and may the good Lord be with you and keep you safe.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440)233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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