Whitesburg KY

Church schedules Christmas bazaar November 2, 3


Hello everyone, everywhere. Hope you are all doing well. It’s beginning to feel like fall now, but I guess it’s time.

Flo Mahew, I’m sorry your name was misspelled in last week’s paper. I guess I didn’t write it plain. I’m not a real good writer.

I still don’t have a picture of my new great-granddaughter to show off. Jamie and Julie, you had better get me one or folks will think I was just bragging about her being so beautiful and believe me, I wasn’t. Wait until you see.

I ran into Annabelle Wright at Pine Mountain Grill. She promised to go down and make Clyde laugh. She can make him laugh when no one else can.

I also saw Anna Goins. She was looking good. Her sister, Emma Lou Engle, said she would like for all of us who write for the Eagle to get together sometime. I would love that! We probably couldn’t get a word in edgewise. We are all big talkers. She will have to get in touch with us when she comes back this way.

Our church, Pentecostal Faith Tabernacle, behind the old Sugar Shack, will be having a big Christmas bazaar on Nov. 2 and 3. They have some of the most beautiful things (all homemade) I have ever seen. I didn’t know we had all that talent. They sure have a lot. I think they will be having breakfast and also lunch on Friday, Nov. 2, with all kinds of good food. Come join us. Look and enjoy and hopefully find you something pretty. We’ll have a lot to choose from. The ladies have worked really hard on it.

Clyde is doing about the same. I appreciate all the people calling and asking about him.

I surely enjoyed talking with my good friend, Anna Watkins, the other day. We talked and talked about old Marlowe days. We were neighbors over 50 years ago. You don’t get away from me, even moving to Florida. I always try to keep all my friends; you can’t ever have too many. I loved it when someone asked her where would be her favorite place to go if she could go anywhere. She said her first place would be heaven and her next would be to go visit the Howard family. Wasn’t that sweet? We all loved her, still do.

I just found out this morning, my granddaughter, Rocki (Hatton) Hill, was named the employee of the year at her job. I’m not sure what the name of her job is, but she works with foster children and adopted children and their parents. I knew she would be good at her job, she has always been so competitive at everything all her life. Just ask her dad, Rob, and her brother, Dr. Kevin Hatton. She lives and works in Lexington.

I hope the nurses’ strike will be settled soon. I’m no stranger to picket lines, my dad, the late Bill Howard, was a coal miner and they had lots of strikes and my husband, Clyde, was a coal miner also. During their strikes not only did the union help, but also the non-union. The mines that didn’t want the union paid their men more so they would stay with them. I’m so thankful for the UMWA for all their help all my life and especially now. I don’t know what we would do without it.

I enjoyed having dinner on Friday with my granddaughter, Wendy Day, and her son, Larry, and also Linda Hatton and her grandchildren (and mine) Beau, Brooke, and Gracie Hatton.

I just heard Billy Brown (son of Fleta Mae and the late Chester Brown) is very sick in a hospital in Lexington. He needs everyone’s prayers. So many of our people are sick.

If it wasn’t for my faith in God and my church and my family and good friends, I’m sure I would be a total wreck by now. Thanks to them, I am strong and can face the uncertain days ahead.

I enjoyed going to the Ermine Center two days last week. It was good seeing everyone. Joe Walker said he had been good. He seems to be doing well. It was good seeing Norma Toler, Jeanette Fields, Gladys Webb, Helen Bentley, and Lizzie Mae – she won’t give me any news. I guess she doesn’t want me to know what she’s been up to. She just grins at me when I ask.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church this week if you are able. Winter will soon be here and we may have a bad time getting out with snow and ice.

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