Whitesburg KY

Church to mark 100th anniversary


We are looking forward to this weekend when the Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church will be celebrating the anniversary of its first 100 years.

There will be special services on Saturday night and Sunday morning with visiting preachers and other visitors from our sister churches. There will be fellowship and refreshments on Saturday night and dinner on Sunday. Everyone is welcome.

Little Cowan Church held its Bible School last week. God blessed them with beautiful weather and a good group of children. The children all had a good time and showed an active interest in their lessons. The Bible School ended on Friday with a picnic and program for parents and family.

Last Saturday were Memorial services at the Hop Gibson Cemetery. This always brings back memories of ‘the good old days.’ There was always a crowd, as nearly everyone in the community came and families were larger. There wasn’t a nice, comfortable dining room to go to for dinner, but there was something special about the feast spread on the large table made of Uncle Charlie’s sawhorses and loose planks. There were no cans and bottles of pop, but gallon jugs of refreshing lemonade, tea and Kool-Aid.

The weather was always unpredictable. One year several ladies came in their new, crepe dresses. A quick shower came up and the dresses started shrinking. My cousins and I were young enough to think that was very funny.

Things haven’t really changed so much. We still have good services with good singing, good preaching, good fellowship, families who’ve moved away returning, and some young adults and children attending. So we have hopes of it continuing for a long time to come and hope their memories are as precious to them as ours are to us.

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