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City of Cumberland may help Letcher County area get water

The City of Cumberland is taking under consideration the possibility of an “interconnect” that would allow the Harlan County city to supply water to Letcher County residents who live along the Cumberland River.

This decision comes after recent testing conducted in Cumberland and the completion of a hydraulic model of the proposed line extension, which includes tanks and a pump station. Further research will be required to determine the impact of the interconnect on the Cumberland Water System.

This isn’t the first time the district has been given some indication that Cumberland may participate in the project, but in the past, issues with that city’s government as well as problems with the Cumberland Water System have prevented it.

Alan Bowman of Bell Engineering, who reported on the Cumberland plan, said the district will continue to work on plans and specifications for the construction of a water plant in Letcher County on the Cumberland River side of Pine Mountain to serve residents. The plans include notifying the Kentucky River Area Development District of impending scope changes and updating the project profile with the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority. Bell will submit plans and specifications to the Kentucky Department of Water for review and approval and develop easements and encroachment permits for the project.

In a related matter, plans and specifications for Phase II of the Red Star, Ulvah, Hallie, and Turkey Creek Water Improvements Project have been forwarded to Abandoned Mine Lands for review. The amount of AML funding that will be available for the project should be determined after July 1, and when the amount is known, plans will be set for dividing it into phases. Greg Hale LLC, project contractors for Phase II of the Bull and Elk Creek projects, will conduct a final walk through with AML on June 27 to complete the project. A change order to include the upgrade of the existing line on the discharge side of the pump station has been approved by AML and final adjustment change orders have been approved and executed. They will be held until work is complete.

A 531 U.S. Department of Agriculture questionnaire was completed for the water line portion of the water and sewer project for the federal prison at Roxana and has been forwarded to the U.S.D.A. for review. A portion of the program should be available through the U.S. House of Representatives’

531 program, which includes funding for rural development through U.S.D.A. and the remainder will be funded by AML Nexus funds. Nexus is an Environmental Protection Agency project for clean water development.

Bell Engineering will revise the Corrective Action Plan for the Millstone Sewer Project and submit it to the Kentucky Department of Water. The interconnect with the Knott County Water District at Deane is near completion. The work includes a water line running under a CSX railroad line. No action was reported on other projects in Letcher County.

The board also approved payment of the district’s monthly bills and pay requests for construction projects submitted by Bell Engineering. Because it was a called meeting, no business was addressed that was not on the agenda.

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