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City says dog owners could face $500 fines

Dog owners in the City of Whitesburg will have to keep their animals on a leash or in an enclosure or face the consequences.

At the Whitesburg City Council’s March meeting Tuesday, Mayor James Wiley Craft directed the Whitesburg Police Department to enforce a longstanding ordinance (No. 90), which mandates a penalty of $500 per day for dog owners who allow their dogs to run loose. The fine is renewed each day the offense goes uncorrected. Craft also said there are civil penalties for property damage and liability for anyone bitten by a dog.

Craft said the problem is particularly bad in the Upper Bottom neighborhood, where he said parents are afraid to let their children play outside because of d ning loose in the neighb Craft said his own experien dogs during his days as a p left him with a fear of bein and he will not tolerate hav people in Whitesburg livin of dogs running lose.

“We have an ordinanc Craft. “I demand that th department enforce it.”

Police Chief Tyrone Fie the council that protecting from dogs is just as high a p protecting them from anyt and that a recent experie a vicious dog almost led to being put down.

“Find out who they (dog allowing their dogs to ru are,” said Craft. “Cite them necessary.”

In other business, the council took bids on a new police vehicle. Chief Fields said the city had advertised for a four-wheel drive, but the cruisers they currently use have a lot of miles on them as well and will eventually need to be replaced. Each bid had options packages specific to that vehicle. The bids are as follows:

Glenn’s Freedom Chrysler Dodge Jeep & Ram in Lexington (two bids):

• 2015 Dodge Charger two wheel drive with listed options, $24,465.

• 2015 Dodge Charger two wheel drive with listed options $25,378

Tim Short Chrysler Dodge & Ram in Hazard (four bids):

• 2015 Dodge Durango Special Service Edition, rear wheel drive, $27,289

• 2015 Dodge Durango, Police Edition, all wheel drive (AWD), $25,381

• 2015 Dodge Charger two wheel drive Police Edition, $24,290

• 2015 Durango AWD, $29,865

Cardinal Chevrolet of Hazard (five bids):

• 2015 Chevrolet Equinox, AWD $22,573

• 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe, 4WD, $37,999

• 2015 Chevrolet Impala front wheel drive, $23,893

• 2015 Chevrolet Traverse AWD, $27,799

• 2015 GMC Acadia AWD $29,799

Craft told the council he will have the bids with the specific options for each vehicle copied and given to each council member for their inspection. He said he will either call a special meeting to discuss the bids or the council can decide on the matter at their next regular meeting.

In other business, the council held the second reading of an ordinance (2015-1), which will keep the city eligible for federal flood insurance. By participating, the city will also receive the latest information concerning flood danger predictions and current elevation levels for flood insurance. It will be able to adopt the most recent flood elevation data as well as future data directly from FEMA as it becomes available.

Water Maintenance Director Chris Caudill, who is recovering from knee surgery, reported that city water crews, aided at times by street department workers, have repaired 35 leaks since Valentine’s Day, including a number of frozen service lines and several that occurred in three- to six-inch lines. Caudill also told the council that workers replaced handles on several valves and replaced one pump that could not be rebuilt.

Caudill thanked Ken Sexton Jr. and the Road Department workers for their help in repairing leaks. Craft added that Sexton and his crew often started work at 3 a.m. during the snow and frigid weather emergency and worked until almost midnight. Craft said that overall, city workers have performed well above the call of duty during record bad weather and thanked them all for their dedication to the city.

“They all did a yeoman’s job,” said Craft. “ They worked their hearts out.”

The council also voted to approve a resolution (2015 – 2) allowing the city to participate in a grant for up to $100,000 from the Department of Local Government Recreational Trails Program funded through the United States Department of Transportation. The grant calls for a match of cash or for an inkind match. Council member Robin Bowen-Watco asked for clarification of the match. Chris Caudill, who is on the trail committee, said the city and county can provide work and equipment to qualify for the in-kind match. Councilman Derek Barto, who is the Letcher County Parks and Recreation Director, said that participation does not need to cost the city any money.

Mayor Craft explained that passing the resolution does not constitute entering into a contract, adding that the city is not obligated to do anything without one. Caudill added that the proposed 11.4-mile trail will run through the old railroad tunnel at Tunnel Hill. The council voted unanimously to approve Bowen-Watco’s motion to allow for participation.

Heather Caudill of the Kentucky River Community Care Rising Center asked the council to declare March as Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Whitesburg and to sign a statement to that effect. The vote to approve her request was unanimous.

Craft also called attention to improvements made on the city’s new distillery (the old KYVA Motor building), and particularly to recently installed windows and doors. Craft said it is breathtaking to see the progress being made on the building, adding that it is a pleasure to see, especially at night with the building’s interior lighting on.

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