Whitesburg KY

City will apply for loan to buy filtering system

The Whitesburg City Council has approved a loan application for a $171,840 project to replace the carbon filtering system at the city water plant.

The powdered carbon improves the odor and taste of water. The system is currently being fed by hand, but as the plant upgrades the feeder should be automated according to Mayor James Wiley Craft. Craft said the grant is 54.1 per cent forgivable.

Greg Pridemore of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development agency attended the meeting and told the council that Rural Development approved $100,000 for the purchase of a new tanker/pumper fire truck. The total cost of the truck is $250,000.

The council voted to accept the grant and said it would look at other options for funding, as well as looking at a less-expensive tanker truck.

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