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Clarence Ison bitten by copperhead


Happy birthday to Sherry Ison Roulerson of Naples, Fla., on Oct. 18. She is Arminta’s sister. Get well wishes to Arminta’s sister, Dana Ison Walker, also of Naples, Fla.

Hello to Denver Maggard’s son, Bunk, and family of Indiana. They are visiting Letcher County for Blackey Day.

Clarence Ison of Ice is in the hospital because of a copperhead bite on his hand.

The friends and relatives of Clayton Banks are happy to see him recovering from his illness.

Tori Akers, Callie and Ella of Talbot, Tenn., spent the weekend and Monday with John and Barbara Banks. The Jefferson County Schools were closed because of illness.

Labor Day weekend, Donald Banks met with his daughters at his home in Pulaski County. Present were Candy Brashears of Kingsport, Tenn.; Penny and Ben Holbrook of Columbus, Ind.; and the grandchildren, Seth, Sam, Will, Ben, Junior, Holly and Sarah. Not only did Donald enjoy being with them, but his family really enjoyed getting reacquainted with them.

Sunday night, Bryan and Tammie Banks had Donald and all of his family, Nathan Banks, Pat and Marilyn Banks, Gwen, Chris and Maddie Hanolan, Carol Caudill and Linda Lucas, over for a great meal.

Several members of the Primitive Baptist Churches of Kentucky have been to the Fairview Church in Bellbrook, Oh., for the 157th annual meeting of the Eastern District Association of Primitive Baptists.

Going from Edwin Holbrook Memorial at Craft’s Colly was Henrietta Adams; from Little Cowan were Rex and Tilda Fields, Charlie and Glennis Little, Chester and Verna Rayburn, Carol Caudill, Linda Lucas, and Doris Banks; from Richardson Chapel at Louisa were Brad and Annie Dutton, among others. They had a wonderful, spiritual time with friends from Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio.

The Fairview Church was established in 1938 by folks who had migrated from Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky to find employment, and wanted to continue their way of worship. The church is still going strong and took excellent care of the Association. The whole congregation was inspired by the wholehearted, joyful singing of a stage full of their children from toddlers to teenagers. The best thing that happened was a young lady being saved.

The Kentuckians all came home happy because by unanimous vote, the Association is coming to Richardson Chapel next year. We are sorry Elsie Banks is not feeling well this week, and hope that she will soon be better.

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