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Class of 1961 planning a reunion

It has been a very busy week, but I think we have gotten a lot accomplished. It’s the weeks that I stay busy and can’t see much done that bother me. Thank the Lord for all that I can do!

The WHS Class of 1961 had a planning meeting at the Parkway Restaurant. Those attending were Carl Banks, Marsha Banks, Owen Wright, Barbara Wright, Maxine Quillen, Earlene Williams, Betty Gilliam, Jim Brashears, and myself.

Our reunion will be October of this year. Letters will be sent out shortly. If you were in this class, please get in touch with your correct address. Some our letters came back the last time, and we still need the addresses.

I am so looking forward to this reunion. So many have died and who knows, by the 55th reunion most may be gone. Okay, maybe not all.

I had a nice visit with John and Jo Spicer in Walmart the other day. They are a lovely couple. I also saw my good friend, Emma Jean Banks Deaton. She is staying part time with her mom, Beatrice Banks, at Beaver Dam. Colson

Jean lives in Jackson. She and Charles will be spending a few weeks in Mexico with their son, Gary, and his family. I look forward to spending some time with her when she gets back.

Maxine Quillen and I were invited to speak at the Neon Lions Club about Monument Park and the Giant statue. We wish to thank Maynard and all the Lions for their welcome and for a very good dinner. Bessie, Howard, Wayne, Ebb and all the Lions made us feel at home. Bessie had some lovely words about the column and I do appreciate it. Bessie didn’t enter the Senior Games this year because of hip replacements.

Our seniors did very well at the Senior Games in Knott County at the Sportsplex. I heard the cheerleaders came in second place. A lot of the seniors won in different categories. Congratulations to all for a job well done, and so much fun.

There is a very special young man who is celebrating his third birthday this week; his name is Gabriel Gilliam. His parents are Mike and Kristy Gilliam, his mamaw is Mary and, his great-aunt is Jean Cook. Now Jean and Gabe are best friends and being best friends means that Jean minds Gabe very well! We all love Gabe and wish him a big, big birthday.

Richard Kincer and Jerry Amburgey are two more birthday boys, and we wish them the best.

I saw Sally and Wallace Profitt at the hospital. Wallace was not feeling well. Please pray for these two as they face their sickness. May God bless them both.

On our prayer list this week is Wallace, Sally, Freda McFall, Ed Shortt, Arthur and Joyce Sergent, Jeanie Caudill Combs, Ray, Dorice and Jason Adams, Geneva Akemon, and Ricky Cook. Ricky is in the hospital in Pikeville with a heart problem. He is my brother-inlaw.

There was a committee meeting for the Historical Society last Wednesday afternoon. In attendance were, Dr. David Narramore, Jean Cook, Richard Brown, David Chaltas and myself. We got some things taken care of and especially enjoyed the nice words of encouragement for the Monument Park. Please, if you can send in your donations, let’s get this project off the ground.

There was a class reunion this weekend for the class of 1981 from Letcher High School. I talked to Jerry and Linda Amburgey and also Sam and Legina Adams, and they were enjoying all being together. A huge group was at Las Penas having dinner.

Our Red Hats were there also. The Red Hats went to LCCH for the drama ‘Happy Days’ and the play was wonderful. Each year it’s just great. If you haven’t been going, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. They are so professional.

The Red Hats girls are Frances Day, Irene Smith, Liz Smith, Vernell Williams, Ann Bradley, Shirley Whitaker, Jean Cook, Mary Gilliam, Maxine Quillen, Lois Shortt, Freda McFall, Marsha Banks and myself.

I talked to Kaylee Grace Baker. She called to see what I was up to. You would not believe this child is going on three. She knows things I don’t. Hey, I’m saying she is so smart!

I wish the dusting fairy would drop by my house this week and while she’s here just go ahead and do a few other chores. I need to go places, not clean the house!

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