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Classrooms are exciting places


As I begin this week, I’ve been asked to include the engagement of Tracy Cissell of here in Bardstown to Jimmy Barger of Manchester. They have set the wedding date for August 24.

The girls’ basketball team at Bardstown High had a winning season. They were led through the successful season by their senior star player, C. J. Lester. She was also featured in a story that was published in our local newspaper in Bardstown.

Recent April happy birthdays are: Raynie Reagan, 6 on April 18; Johnathan Trent on April 28, and Bradi Rayburn, who will be 5 on April 27.

It is hard to believe that school has only two more months left. School is so different than when I went. Once in awhile on a pretty day a teacher would take the class outdoors for fresh air and a different perspective. Here it seems there is always something exciting being used to teach the kids what they need to know. The classroom is no longer boring.

About once a month the Bardstown Primary School holds its literacy night. Jerrica and I finally got the opportunity to attend one of these. Although we couldn’t stay for the entire event, she picked a program and had lots of fun.

Congratulations to Scott and Tara Bickett, who are expecting. The ultrasound shows the baby is a girl. Tara is hoping; at the moment there are four little boys in the house.

Basketball coach Minor Harmon has retired from Nelson County High School located in Bardstown. He had coached there for 27 years.

Prayer requests this week are: Hannah Rummage, Judy Branham, Jim Hardesty, and Tracy Walker and his wife Donna.

While lying in bed at 5:45 a.m. Friday morning, the residents of Bardstown were jolted awake by a startling violent shaking. I wasn’t sure if I’d really felt it and I didn’t hear any thunder and there wasn’t any lightning. When I heard scuffling and movement from Bernard’s room and he questioned what had just happened, then I was sure.

Seems that’s all our news for this week

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