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Clean the snow off your car before driving

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone. It sure is cold in this area as winter has caught up with us! I really shouldn’t complain as this is the first good snow we have gotten so far.

The snow we received previously disappeared really fast. I believe this one will be there for a few days as it is so cold. We had a mixed bag of rain, sleet, snow, then more snow.

Why am I complaining when we only had about six inches of snow when Washington and other places got three feet or more?

My brother Richie Hall, Wanda and their grandson J.T. Deaton were in the West Chester area to visit their daughter Crystal Caudill. Richie and Wanda usually stay with me, but this time they stayed with Crystal since they haven’t seen the grandkids, Clay, Chase and Chance, since September.

They finally had Christmas with the boys and Crystal. I had to laugh because it seems that I am not the only one who couldn’t give up the Christmas tree this year. Crystal’s was still up and burning brightly!

I finally took my tree down and now my living room looks so dark. I am thinking of getting a large tree branch and leaning it in the corner and putting some clear lights on it.

Richie is having some serious problems with his vision. Just when you think your life may be on an even keel, something comes along to rock the boat.

I finally caught up with Ann Calihan. Her sister Evadean and Laff e Marcum in West Virginia are doing a little better, but now her son-in-law is facing cancer.

We had a good turnout at the Old Time Fiddlers meeting. I was surprised when Bill Profitt walked in. It is always good to see Bill, he is what I call a misplaced hillbilly. Bill is from the Isom area and now lives in the Reading area. We had a bean and cornbread dinner and lots of desserts. I don’t think anyone left hungry.

Old Time Fiddlers meets the first Sunday of each month in the basement of Miamitown Fire Department from 1 to 4 p.m. The March meeting will be on March 14 as the Boy Scouts have an annual pancake breakfast the first Sunday of March.

Once again we received several inches of unwanted snow. It is a winter wonderland except I had to drive in it. I got to a steep hill and I found myself sliding back, so I said a quick prayer and backed off the hillside. Then I did something I had never done and wasn’t sure if it would help.My car has front wheel drive so I pulled it down in low gear and surprising I made it to the top of the steep grade.

This was a scary time for me. In 1989 I slid into a guardrail and turned completely around facing traffic. Ever since then I am sort of intimated when driving in snow, but if I have to go I do.

I wish there could be an ordinance passed that people who get on the roads with snow piled high on their vehicles could get a ticket! Have you ever gotten behind someone and have flying ice come at you?

I am speaking from experience and I’m talking about myself too. I am as guilty as the next for getting in a hurry and heading down the road with snow and ice on my car. I once forgot to clean the top of my car off and I was stopped at a stop sign when a cascade of snow and ice covered my windshield.

What if this had shifted backward and hit someone’s windshield or had happened to me while driving in traffic? I could not see anything. So I am not meaning to step on anyone’s toes, as I said I am including myself in this!

There will be a benefit held in Cincinnati, Saturday, April 17, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. by Isaiah 58.7 Ministries, to help feed the homeless and hungry. This is being held on Mehring Way behind the Paul Brown Stadium and is called Heavenly Smoke for the Homeless and Hungry. Isaiah 58.7 Ministries has a website that tells all about it.

Larry and Pam Roark’s son Tim Roark is involved in this program. Tim lives in Milan, Ind. Larry and Pam still call the Kingscreek area home. I found out one thing, if you are a man and are by yourself there’s not much help for you! Those of you have a computer check out Larry’s Facebook page.

I am glad I figured out how to get on this site. I have enjoyed seeing so many people from the mountains including my sister-in law Mattie Hall’s sister Arzella Hampton.

I stayed at my daughter Angie Weiderhold’s place so she wouldn’t have to take my little sidekick Bennie out in the cold. I enjoyed this very much.

Bennie wanted an ice cream cone. He told me he wanted a double cone, meaning two dips, so of course I made one for me. Bennie traded me even though mine was the same as his.

I can’t understand how he knows what the television guide is when he sees the small letters such as TNT, etc. When he sees ESPN he says baseball as he knows it is the sports channel. Bennie also knows the words Lysol and Pantene when he sees the containers.

Thanks to all who have bought my book ‘The Beauty of A Rose.’ Willamae Boggs thinks I am the greatest writer, and oh how I wish that was true! Willamae has been having another round of tests at the hospital and so far everything is looking good for her. Carl and Willamae are very special people and deserve a break from not feeling well.

Gwen Huff Farmer is improving from her knee replacement. I knew you couldn’t keep Gwen down.

I apologize to Gwen’s family for changing her brother Rodney Huff to an Ison. It seems I have Ison on the brain lately! Keep Rodney Huff and the family in your prayers.

I had a freak and scary incident. A young girl got her car stuck on the ice at a friend’s house. I tried driving while she pushed, which didn’t work, so then we put salt under the wheels. Still nothing, so she asked this older man if he would drive while she and I pushed. Somehow he put the car in reverse and decided to knock me down and run over part of my body. My left leg was caught under the muffler and all I could see were the backup lights while I was pinned under the car.

I could feel my leg burning as I tried to free it from underneath the muffler. I sure made a big snow angel imprint in the snow. I didn’t think I was hurt except for left leg being slightly burned until I came home and sat down. I am so sore in my left arm, across my shoulders, and the back of my neck.

I am just thankful to God the snowdrift was so high that he couldn’t go back any farther, or you would not be reading this column. I don’t think I will be dancing for a few days.

Hello to Sadie Hayes, Evelyn and Bertha Whitaker in Taylor, Mich. I hope everything is going well for you girls.

My son Keith Ballard is working now and it is so good to see him back to normal. I came home one afternoon and he had shoveled my drive and in front of my house. The only thing was, a day later it snowed again.

I appreciate everything Keith does for me. He also tries to keep Vickie Powers’s driveway clean.

The bad weather has kept Vickie and me home for a change.

Hello to Rachael Wright of Mopa, Nev. Rachael was married to John Wright, who died a couple of years ago. John was related some way to Oma Hatton. I hope I have this information correct.

Daisy Manning tells me that some of her relatives have been in contact with her after reading my column, whom she hasn’t heard from in 50 years. Daisy is from the Linefork area along with her aunt, Josie Pendleton.

Hello to Gene and Brenda Caudill who live in the Sunshine State of Florida. I wish I could send them some white stuff .

I enjoyed a conversation with Bob Akemon. I must say Bob isn’t stingy as he wanted to share his snow with me, and as bad as I hated to, I declined that off er.

Well I am tired, and that clock says it is time to get this on its way. Until next time.

Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@ aol.com, (513) 367-4682.

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