Whitesburg KY

Cleaning trash from lake an important event

Many Kentuckians enjoy time on Barren River Lake daily, mainly in the warmer months.

When people use the 10,000- acre lake, they shouldn’t have to see garbage on the banks or in the water. Unfortunately, the garbage is there because of people who simply don’t care about the lake and the damage they cause.

That is why the Trashmasters Classic is such an important event. This year’s cleanup is Sept. 21.

Last year, 352 volunteers helped collect 6.9 tons of refuse. This is no small amount of trash and illustrates the event’s importance. Without volunteers, a majority of that garbage would be an eyesore to Barren River Lake, not to mention the damage it would have done to the fish and ecosystem.

Having higher rain levels this year will mean that debris will be much higher on the shore, but the lake is at summer pool and there are plenty of accessible areas to clean.

This is where the U.S. Corps of Engineers and Friends of Barren River Lake & Park need people’s help. ey

Th need pontoon boats and their drivers to help with cleanup efforts. Officials with these two groups are trying to up participation this year and need people to drive their own boats to shuttle people from ramps to shoreline and back. We hope pontoon owners and volunteers will come forward Sept. 21 for this most important event.

— The Daily News, Bowling Green

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