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Clerk’s offices expand

Letcher County Clerk Winston Meade says moving delinquent taxes, real estate records and voter registration into the courthouse space formerly occupied by the sheriff’s department will result in better customer service.

“Hopefully it better serves the public where we are going to start dealing with delinquent taxes and where we have that big election coming up next year,” said Meade, referring to next year’s county elections.

A new doorway now connects the old deed room to the old sheriff’s department. Meade said $30,000 in coal severance funds were used to buy new computers, copiers and desks for the expansion.

“Before, they all had to come in and a lot of time they had to stand in line up front,” said Meade. “This way they can come in and not have to stand in line.”

Meade pointed out that tax bills are still being collected in the sheriff’s office, located in the old county health building, until the a tax bill becomes delinquent.

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