Whitesburg KY

Clinic offers to settle old medical bills at half-price

Whitesburg-based Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation is allowing patients to clear old debts by paying only half of what they owe.

Under a plan approved by MCHC’s board of directors at its May meeting, patients at the not-forprofit clinic who have overdue bills are now eligible for a 50-percent discount on the balance that appeared in their April statement

"The way that it would work", said L.M. "Mike" Caudill, MCHC’s chief executive officer, "is that anyone wanting to pay off their account would contact MCHC’s central office in Whitesburg. Employees there would assist the patient in determining the balance of their account as off in full, the patient receives a 50-percent discount. It’s that simple."

The discount program will be offered only one time, during the months of June and July. Caudill said the plan is timed to coincide with the federal government’s economic stimulus plan for taxpayers.

"Many of our patients who have outstanding balances want to pay their medical accounts but are unable to because of competing priorities," said Caudill. "Often times it’s a choice between paying your bills and placing food and other staples on the table. The federal government has returned to many of our citizens extra income in the form of the economic stimulus checks. When you combine the MCHC discount offer with the arrival of the government stimulus checks, this is an excellent opportunity for our patients to not only catch up, but to actually come out ahead in paying for their health care."

Caudill said that details of the discount offer are being sent out to MCHC patients in a bulk mailing as well as information being included in patient’s monthly statements. He added that a discounted payment plan will also be available for up to six months, but with a declining percentage rate depending on the length of time over which the account would be paid off.

"I think that this is just one way that we can reach out to help the most important people in the world, our patients," said Caudill.

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