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Clips from available Mountain Eagle pages since our founding in 1907

Thursday, March 18, 1926 Residents of Mayking, Pine Creek and Cram Creek are being given the opportunity to vote on whether they want the Letcher County Board of Education to establish a four-year high school to serve the area. Cyrus W. Collins and Watson C. Webb are teaching this year at the Mayking Elementary School, which boasts nearly perfect attendance.

. The Mountain Eagle is calling on the young men of Letcher County to refrain from the growing practice of drinking rubbing alcohol, also known as wood alcohol. “We are told that blindness, deafness, brain paralysis and death too hideous to describe lurk in this clear, nauseating fluid,” the paper warns.

. The Appalachian Way Association will hold its convention in Lexington April 5. To be determined at the meeting, which will be attended by Kentucky Governor W.J. Fields, is the final routing of the Great Appalachian Way highway, which is tentatively planned to connect Chicago, Illinois with Jacksonville, Florida via Charleston, South Carolina. States through which the road will pass include Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

. The mountains and forests of Letcher County are now loaded with the heaviest snow of the entire season. The long hang-on of the winter is bad for most of us, but is good for the coal miners and those who supply the winter wants of the rest of us, says The Eagle.

Thursday, March 21, 1946 Consolidation Coal Company has started the sale of its company houses in Jenkins. The houses are priced at $100 per room, with those now living in Jenkins getting first priority. Mineral rights will not be included in the sales.

. Members of the Whitesburg Methodist Church will celebrate the payment of their church debt with a “noteburning ceremony” on Sunday, March 24, during which the burning of the church’s mortgage note will take place.

. Members of the Letcher County Medical Society met at the Jenkins Hospital last week to discuss the latest developments in the use of the antibiotic penicillin, reports Dr. R. Dow Collins, secretary of the organization.

. Having achieved record production during World War II, the coal industry will turn its attention to post-war economic problems and modernization during the annual Coal Convention of the American Mining Congress to be held in Cincinnati next month. The two-day session will revolve around such subjects as new designs for coal-burning locomotives; superiority of coal for central and domestic heating; problems of mechanical mining in both thick and thin coal seams; mine safety, and problems of coal stripping.

. A proposed dam on the Poor Fork of the Cumberland River near the Letcher-Harlan County line could provide the region with “one of the finest fishing resorts to be found in the state,” The Eagle says in an editorial. The proposed flood control project “would have an important effect upon the morale of this section,” the newspaper says.

Thursday, March 15, 1956 A tragic accident has claimed the lives of two men at South East Coal Company’s mine at Goose Creek. Section foreman Eston Hall and miner Everett Roberts were killed in a slate fall Wednesday while eating lunch. Hall, 47, was a resident of Neon. Roberts, 36, lived at Tollivertown.

. Officials with the new Whitesburg Memorial Hospital say the facility will not be ready to accept patients until sometime after March 20. Also this week, hospital administrator

Joseph H. Doney gave the Whitesburg Rotary Club a brief insight into the operations of Whitesburg and the nine other hospitals to be opened by the United Mine Workers of America. Doney said the Whitesburg facility will hire more than 100 people.

. The old Henry Combs house on Madison Street in Whitesburg is being razed this week for a new building being erected by Clarence and Carl Harlow, who plan to expand their Neon-based Harlow Motor Company into Whitesburg.

. The price for a ton of “soft coal” is expected to increase between 15 cents and 50 cents on April 1. The increase comes several months after the coal operators’ labor contract with the UMWA provided wage increases totaling two-dollars a day.

. The Carr Creek High School Indians, predicted by many to win the current State Tournament, knocked off the injury-laden Whitesburg Yellowjackets, 74-46, in the final contest of the 14th Regional Tournament at Hazard Saturday night. Mountain Eagle sports reporter Don Woodford Webb notes that one of Carr Creek’s top players, Bobby Ray Shepherd, is a Letcher County boy who transferred from Kingdom Come Settlement School to Carr Creek at the beginning of the current season. Whitesburg was playing without the services of senior center Jimmie Blair and with limited action from team captain Rex Polly, who played his final games with 28 stitches and a clamp on his right hand, Webb writes.

. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gilley have announced the birth of their first child, a little son born Monday, March 15. The baby has been named Marion Gale. Also, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bowen of Camp Branch are the proud parents of a boy born March 1. They have chosen the name Emil Robert. The Bowens have two other children who are giving the baby a hearty welcome.

. U.S. Representative Carl D. Perkins had dinner at the Toot and Tale” restaurant at Sergent Sunday.

Thursday, March 17, 1966 The Letcher County Board of Education has employed Perkins and Threadgill, Harlan architects, to draw up detailed plans for a proposed new library-cafeteria building to be built at Whitesburg High School.

. A 28-year-old school teacher was sent back to his job in the one-room, 16-student Coyle’s Branch School after parents of his pupils petitioned for his return. The teacher was arrested by federal agents at a moonshine still last week, but says he had merely gone with a friend to look at the still.

. New telephone directories were mailed this week to 3,500 Southern Bell subscribers in Letcher County. This represents an increase of 500 over the last directory mailing. J. M. Gipe, area manager for the phone company, said although the new books carry Jenkins directory information, local calling service is not in effect yet among Whitesburg, Neon and Jenkins. He said the service will go into effect later this year, and the directories were prepared with that in mind. Until the new service takes effect, calls from Whitesburg and Neon to Jenkins will continue to be long-distance calls. Calls between Neon and Whitesburg have been free for several years.

. Isaac B. “Ike” Caudill of Blackey was re-hired this week as director of the War on Poverty in Letcher County. Caudill was re-employed by a secret vote by members of the Letcher County Economic Opportunity Committee Inc., a group of citizens responsible for operation of the poverty program in the county.

. A 52-gallon hot water heater is on sale for $79.95 at Hoover’s Home Furnishings in Whitesburg.

Thursday, March 25, 1976 Whitesburg attorney Harry Caudill has said he will resign at the end of March as commonwealth’s attorney for Letcher County because the position is inadequately

funded. Caudill took office three months ago. His term was to last six years after he was elected without opposition last November.

. A program for the development of 326 new homes in Jenkins has been approved by the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC). The houses will be located on three sites — Ben’s Branch near Burdine, and two tracts on Pine Ridge, the hill overlooking Elkhorn Lake and U.S. Highway 23 southeast of Jenkins.

. Friends and relatives of the 26 miners killed in the Scotia disaster gathered Sunday for memorial services at the First Baptist Church in Whitesburg.

Wednesday, March 26, 1986 Twenty-one Letcher County people who failed to pay overdue littering fines have been sentenced to pick up garbage for a total of 453 days. District Judge Larry Collins handed down the sentences last week as part of the county’s crackdown on illegal dumping.

. Tom and Pat Gish, owners of The Mountain Eagle for the past 30 years, will be inducted into the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame at the University of Kentucky next month.

. Called “the best high school prospect in the nation in her events” by United States International University track and cross-country coach Elliott Kramsky, Whitesburg High School senior Deana Boggs is being recruited by 50 colleges.

Wednesday, March 27, 1996 Letcher County Attorney Harold Bolling says a letterwriting campaign to state officials might be the best hope Thornton residents have of ridding the community of a new mud and dust problem caused by coal trucks.

. Hyakutake, a green-colored comet, is making its first appearance in about 9,000 years. Frank and Patty Majority are ready for the newest comet with their Odyssey 8-inch refractor telescope in their home on the Whitesburg side of Cowan Mountain.

. The Letcher County Board of Education this week changed the boundaries of two of the county’s five school divisions. The board approved board member Wesley Doughman’s request to move the Sandlick voting precinct from Division Four, which Doughman represents, into Division Three, which is represented by board member Will Smith. In return, the Upper Cumberland River voting precinct was moved from Smith’s district into Doughman’s district. Doughman said the change is needed so families of students attending Arlie Boggs Elementary School at Eolia, which is in Doughman’s district, will be represented by one school board member.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 Vicious dogs and beaver dams were among the issues addressed in the March meeting of the Letcher Fiscal Court. Sheriff Danny Webb told the court his department is increasingly being asked to protect Letcher County citizens from vicious dogs, which are usually owned by neighbors. Second District Magistrate Terry Adams said the increase of beaver dams in his district has added to the possibility of flood damage in the event of heavy rain.

. The Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital will mark its 50th year of providing healthcare services on March 23. The hospital opened on March 23, 1956 as the Whitesburg Miners Memorial Hospital and was part of the United Mine Workers of America’s Miners Memorial Hospital chain.

. Whitesburg architect and Appalshop founder Bill Richardson of Whitesburg has been elected to a six-year term on the Berea College Board of Trustees.

. The Letcher County Central Lady Cougars avenged two earlier losses to the Breathitt County Lady Bobcats and brought home the 14th Regional Tournament championship in their first year as a school.

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