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Clotheslines bring many memories

Hello once again, everyone!

Well, the calendar says spring is here. Like the little old lady who used to do the Wendy’s commercials would ask, where’s the beef? Right now I would like to know where is the warmth that comes with spring.

Last week it snowed so hard then there was sleet. The week before there was hail as big as quarters on the outskirts of Cincinnati. We didn’t get anything in this area except rain and lots of high winds. Daffodils and hyacinths are blooming along with forsythia. I’ve even seen a few magnolia trees along with some pear trees, and the pink trees are coming alive once aCgain, yet it is cold!

This past week my son Keith Ballard and I went for a ride in the country. We passed a house and there were several clotheslines filled with laundry hanging outside. It brought so many memories of Mommy washing clothes and hanging them outside no matter how cold it was, as so many other women have done throughout the years before modern appliances became available. I have seen Mom’s laundry freeze dried as it hung on the clothesline.

In my first years of marriage I didn’t have a washer and dryer. I had a used wringer type washer and the wringer didn’t work. A friend gave us a washer and the wringer worked but not the dasher, so I washed in the one and put my rinse water in the other and managed for quite some time. Finally we managed to get a new washing machine and paid on time, I believe it was called easy. That was as near as a piece of junk as could be, we traded it back and bought a Maytag washer. That washing machine is in the basement and will probably stay until I either make up my mind to sell or I die. Southern Ohio

When we first moved here 38 years ago, I would use it, even though I had a new automatic washer and dryer. Sometimes I would wash and hang out, then it got too much aggravation carrying clothes from the basement. Occasionally I would wash and hang clothes outside, then I graduated to not doing anything except throwing things in the dryer.

Happy birthday to my dear friend Betty Ison April 8. Betty did laundry last week on a warm day, and it has been cold ever since. I thought sure I was going to get to visit with her, and as usual something came up.

A very belated happy birthday to Doyle Ison February 12, and very sincere apology for not mentioning it before.

I finally made it across the river to visit my daughter Anna Nottingham and to see baby Kyle. He is growing like a weed. His little cheeks are starting to get chubby. He was asleep when Keith and I first got there. Anna told me to pick him up; he weighs 10 pounds now. I couldn’t believe how she had him dressed, in a Cincinnati Reds tee shirt with black pants. Even his pacifier looked like a Reds baseball. Kyle looked so cute.

Keith and I stayed until Sarah and Katelyn came home from school. Jessica was sick so she was already home. Anna was very sick with strep throat, actually she had to get a shot to help her.

I have to find time next week to go see my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold. I miss him very much.

I have helped my friend with her mother for some time, and I have to give that up. The family has called Hospice in. It is too painful for me to watch her slowly slip away. I am under so much stress it is affecting my health, so I made up my mind to get out, as they say, while the getting is good.

I haven’t talked to Ann Calihan this week so I hope everyone is alright in her family. I bet Johnny is trying to find a warm day to get his garden ready. I hope he sticks in two or three onions extra and little bit of lettuce.

Gwen Huff Farmer has gotten in quite a bit of her plants already, now she is waiting to get her garden plowed. Gwen’s son Glen Jr. is having quite a bit of trouble with his shoulder and may be facing surgery.

I have found something that is very aggravating. You just get used to a doctor and then something changes and they’re not in your insurance network. This happened to me these past few weeks, now I have to find another doctor, have records transferred. You pay for insurance and have no say in the matter. I was fortunate enough to find another doctor locally, still it is a hassle!

At my last visit to my doctor, quite a bit of blood work was done. My iron count is way too low, a lot lower than before, so now I am taking extra iron. The doctor says that is why I am so short of breath!

Now enough of my griping, as quick as I feel better, I am going to listen to some bluegrass music.

My brother Robert Hall is still in a hospital at Bristol, Tenn. He has started to have seizure. The doctor seems to think it is due to the head injury from the car accident several months ago.

I have really enjoyed listening to a CD by 7 South from eastern Kentucky with Libby Day Smith and Jon Caudill along with the others. I have another CD I want to add to my collection very soon, none other than Will Caudill and Route 7. There’s one song in particular that the words are so familiar, each time I listen to the words of the song I can hear my heart saying Roxana will always be home. Every song that is on the CD is great, however I do believe this is my favorite. I can hear the mountains calling me back this time of year.

Bruce Jones, I hope this finds you and the family getting along great. Watch those guys on those four-wheelers, don’t let them run over you.

Once again I haven’t heard a peep from Frick and Frack, just so they are behaving themselves.

Polly Maucher sends her love to all her family. She said not to call her when the Kentucky Wildcats are playing, or you may hear a recording saying sorry I am not home!

My brother Richie and Wanda came out over the weekend to spend some time with their daughter Crystal and her family. They will be stopping by our house Saturday as Keith is in the hospital once again.

Hello to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall and of course the usual hellos to my brother Wallace Lee Hall and my sister Loretta Church and everyone who reads The Mountain Eagle at Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

A great big howdy to Carl Boggs and Jessie Frazier. I hope you guys are doing alright.

Hello Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb. I bet Clarence is out scratching in the dirt preparing to start planting before long.

Realizing that their home just wasn’t big enough with the new baby in the house, Little Johnny’s parents discussed moving to a bigger one. Little Johnny sat patiently listening to his parents, then little Johnny piped in, “It’s no use. He’ll just follow us anyway.”

Until next time: Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone 513- 367-4682.

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