Whitesburg KY

Clyde Hatton has good days, bad days


Hello, again. It’s time for our visit again. It was a good week. I think we should think of all our blessings and be content and not complain when things aren’t perfect, and we could enjoy life more.

I sure enjoyed talking with my good friend, Anna Watkins, in Florida. I had just mailed her a letter when she called me. I guess we were thinking of each other at the same time. It’s been over 50 years since we were neighbors and I still miss her.

I also got a call from Judy (Whitaker) Dent in Michigan. We talked about all our families from way back. Her mom and dad were the late Sally and Ivan Whitaker, and her grandparents were the late Mary and Price Whitaker, all formerly from Marlowe.

I talked to Coleda Sturgill of Pert Creek, a few days ago. She was telling me of the passing of Sharon Taylor’s son, Dwayne, in Colorado, a drowning accident. I don’t know Sharon’s married name. Our sympathy surely goes out to her and her family. He was only 39 years old. It seems such a short time ago she was a cute little Marlowe girl.

It was nice talking to Adrienne Hatton, wife of Dr. Kevin Hatton, my grandson. I’m really looking forward to seeing them at the Howard family reunion. I haven’t seen their youngest son, Loran. I’ve seen pictures of him and his brother, Will. They are both beautiful.

Lizzie Mae Wright said she met the daughter of Larry Gale Caudill and Patty, who used to live in Whitco, son of Estill and Nannie Caudill. Her name is Jenetta and her brother is in college taking FBI training. Jenetta was at Holbrook Town Cemetery visiting her grandparents’ graves. They live in West Virginia.

I went to Letcher Manor and visited Clyde’s former roommate, Larry Polly, and also Danola Andrews and Irene Brown. I also got to see Joann Walters and Hope Campbell and her sister. I think it was Gaynell. It was good seeing all of them.

I also went on up to the Ermine Center to see everyone. The welcome mat was out, but the door was locked and no one there. They were having a meeting and all the centers were closed. I’ll try again soon.

I enjoyed my son, Astor “Red” Hatton, and his wife spending the night with me Saturday. They went on to Hazard to the Veterans Center and visited Clyde. They called back and said he was having a good day. He has his good days and bad days. They are sure good to him there. The place is beautiful.

Clyde said Ozel Collins had been in to see him. They used to fox hunt together.

Judy Dent, the Hatton reunion will be on August 25 at Cowan Community Center. Hope to see you and Benny there.

My good friends, Robert and Roberta, are doing OK and doing some canning and freezing food. I appreciate all the pretty cards she sends me and Clyde.

Betty Tyree and I visited Clyde one day last week, and Louise Shepherd and I visited on Friday. We enjoyed being together and going somewhere to eat. Clyde is doing pretty well and likes the people who work there, especially Jessica Yonts. She and her brother, Chris, and their dad, Curt Yonts, used to go fox hunting with Clyde when they were little kids.

Well, my arm is getting tired of writing and I’m sure you are tired of reading. I wish I could have some real good and interesting news. Send me your good news!

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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