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Clyde Hatton hospitalized but is better now


FORMER MARLOWE RESIDENT -  Iva (Absher) Cheatham is pictured a few years back at Marlowe. She is now living near Somerset.

FORMER MARLOWE RESIDENT – Iva (Absher) Cheatham is pictured a few years back at Marlowe. She is now living near Somerset.

Hello, everyone, time for our visit again. I hope you re all doing well. I’ve been spending most of my time in the hospital. Clyde was in Hazard Appalachian Regional Hospital all last week. He has been real sick, but he is back at the Veterans Center now. Shirley Breeding and I went down to spend Father’s Day with our husbands. Shirley’s daughter, Jackie Joseph, also visited with them. My son, Billy Hatton, and his pretty little granddaughter, Ellie Beth Mullins, also visited.

Ida Hatton went to Dayton, Ohio, to visit her brother, Leonard Howard, and then they went on to Fort Wayne, Ind., to visit some more brothers, Kern Howard and wife Ruby and their sons Mike and Bill and Brenda and Dexter Howard and some more of her brothers. She was pleased to see all of them but sorry for so much sickness.

There was a great shower for Destini Banks at the Harry M. Caudill Library in Whitesburg on Saturday. There was a large crowd, tons of gifts and great food. Her parents, Shannon and Jim Banks, and all the family want to thank all who came. It was really appreciated.

Jerry and Wendy Shepherd have been in visiting his mother, Louise Shepherd. Their daughter, Lindsey, stayed on for a little visit with her Mammaw.

I’ve been missing my son, Rob’s, visits. He’s on jury duty in Owensboro. I protested but it didn’t do any good.

I enjoyed being with the ladies of our church on Friday evening. We all get together every month to celebrate the birthdays of the ones who have a birthday. We had three this time, Vickie Standifer, Brandy Baker and Melissa Adams. We had a good time.

In Rose Ballard’s and also Emma Lou Engle’s columns I have seen the name of Bobby Pass. They’ve probably been enjoying his music. He sent me some and I surely enjoy them. I also read in the paper of the death of Lake Pass, who was a relative of his. Our sympathy goes out to the family. After talking to him about his family, I feel like I know him.

I enjoyed a long talk with Geraldine (Smith) Haynes the other evening. She was interested in hearing about the King family, especially Katy Jo and Barbara, who had recently died. I told her I thought Katy lived in Tennessee. I think we covered about every family who lived in Marlowe.

I was glad to hear Coy Morton was doing better. He was home from the hospital and he called me.

I hope all of you fathers had a good Father’s Day. I sure miss mine. We all saw that he had a good one every year. We made a big thing out of it. If you still have your parents, always let them know you love them. I was blessed to have mine till I was in my 60s.

I was glad to see the good rain we had. The gardens were needing it.

I haven’t been out and about and don’t have much to write about. We had planned on all our family having a birthday and Father’s Day celebration combined for Clyde at the Veterans Center on Sunday, but we couldn’t have it. Clyde will be 85 years old on Thursday. He’s doing about the same.

Emma Lou, Rose and Gladys and also the lady that writes the Blackey news, I always look for names of people I know and usually find some. Keep up the good work. I’ll be looking for you next week.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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