Whitesburg KY

Cold, cough grab hold and won’t let go

Woke up to a beautiful snow on Saturday. Wasn’t able to go out. I’ve been sick for over a week, as well as my husband and several others. This old cold and cough grab hold and won’t let go. I thought I was tough, but I found out it is tougher than I am. Big Cowan

Linda Ann Fields Adams, wife of Danny Adams, died Saturday, Feb. 11, at home. Our sympathy goes out to all of her children, brothers and sisters and the rest of the family. Her sisters said she had been in a lot of pain. She was only 58 years old and was the daughter of the late Alma and Lansford Fields. She will be missed.

My uncle Isom Fields called the other day. They only had flurries when we were getting all the snow. Isn’t he the lucky one?

Lou Anna Fields is in rehab. She still has a long way to go. Keep her in prayer.

Bill and Agnes Maggard and Charles and Audrey Hammonds still need prayer.

My brother Archie Ray Fields has been having lots of trouble with his legs. I think he is finally taking the doctor’s advice and will go and see someone in Pikeville. Please keep him in prayer. He had poor circulation and a sore that won’t heal and causes him lots of problems. I hope he doesn’t lose his foot. We went through that with Mom, so hopefully he will get that taken care of.

So many people are sick everywhere and it’s hard to mention all of them, so just pray for everyone you know, and I will pray for everyone I know and if all of us are praying for someone, then we should have them all covered.

I hope everyone has a good week. Stay in and stay warm. Attend the church of your choice.

Sorry this is so short this time. I’m still not feeling well. May God bless you all. Love you all.

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