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Cold enough to use furnace in Ohio

The sun is shining so bright as of this moment but has been in and out all day. Clouds and sun are playing a game of hide and seek. Just hope we don’t have more rain. Everything, including grass and garden, is waterlogged. I have some beans in need of picking afore they get all spotty and ruin. Picked enough Saturday past to put a gallon and a quart in the freezer.

I hope it’s warm and sunny wherever you might be. Been cold enough to use to use the furnace for several days. I ain’t looking for winter to set in, but we can’t upset the balance of nature, we just have to grin and bear it.

It’s Thursday morning, cool and cloudy. I started this yesterday morning but had some ironing to do and dinner to fix, and it got so dark and cloudy I was afraid it would start raining. Had some beans needing picking before all started spotting. Got enough for a good-sized kettle full and have them on cooking now. I made a chicken salad from chicken left from our meal. Northeast Ohio

I hope this finds everyone in good health and staying warm.

Red and I are doing fairly well. He does have mostly bad days, but I just keep going though very slowly at times.

I had a good phone visit with Iva Cheatham, Stanford. My heart, my love, and my prayers go out to her. She is really having a rough time right now. She fell and hurt herself badly and her son is seriously ill. Both need all the prayers they can get. Don’t forget them.

Catherine isn’t doing so well right now. She was sick again. Her medicine wasn’t doing what it should and she had to go to the hospital. Had her medication changed and it was administered intravenously. I haven’t heard from her this morning and won’t call. She needs all the rest she can get.

Valerie may be coming home from rehab within the next few weeks. I hope so anyway.

I didn’t hear from Bill and Redia the past couple days, but I know they are busy. They got a huge load of work clothes last pick up and it takes a good while to process. Shirts are checked for missing buttons, rips and tears, and bad stains. The good ones are folded and shelved and the others are scrapped. Pants are checked for bad zippers, rips and tears, and bad stains, then folded and shelved or ragged out. That used to be my job, plus measuring the length. I wish I could still do some work, but I just got too lazy.

Red talked with Charles. He had been to the nursing home to visit Jean and, from what he said, she’s made up her mind she’s going home soon. There’s no way she can stay by herself. She will have to stay with her son, Garry, or daughter, Terri.

I’m sure anyone would much rather be in their own home, but I have already informed all my family that I do not plan to live with any of them and, if and when the time comes that I can no longer do for myself, they are to put me in a nursing home. We do have some excellent ones around here.

Are the mountains displaying any of the beautiful fall colors? We see a few here and there and I’m just waiting to see all the reds, greens, yellows, oranges, browns and tans. This is one of my favorite seasons. I still want to make a quilt of all shapes and colors of leaves. I just might make that a winter project.

I picked another cooking of beans, and will fix and cook them for Bill and Redia. I would love to cook some for Catherine, but they are a no no with the diet she is on. I do believe Redia and Catherine could both eat green beans every day and then have some more for dessert. My great-grandson, Christopher, is just about as bad as the two girls.

I have about decided against sowing a late mustard patch. We’re just having too much rain and I still have several packs in the freezer.

I have to take Red downtown tomorrow to the Vision Center. He’s in need of some new specks (glasses). I’m still seeing well and as long as I can see to thread a small quilting needle and sewing machine, I think I’m doing well.

I haven’t heard from any of my family this week except

Richard and Georgia. I’m thinking all must be well with them.

I’m sure Jeanie and Phil and Christy are busy taking care of and spoiling Carson and Cameron, and giving Mary time to rest and get ready for the fun of taking care of two little boys. I can relate as I had two who were 20 months apart in age. Of course things were a lot different growing up in the country and let’s remember that was 64 years ago.

I guess you are tired and bored of all this, whatever you want to call it. As you can well see, I am not a writer and make no claims to be. I just think of y’all as friends and I’m writing a letter to each and every one of you.

I heard the weather news and, glory be, more rain, cold, and even frost in some places. The Power that be knows what we need and when it’s needful.

Hello, cousin Eva Dale. I got your letter and will be writing soon.

A happy week to all and may your life be filled with peace and love. Be good. Peace and love to all.

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