Whitesburg KY

Cold icy weather causes many falls


I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas and that the New Year is a healthy and happy year. I thank God for His many blessings. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore, I just check the list I made years ago.

Our children and grandkids were here for Christmas but left early because of the snow. Thank God they all made it home safely.

Kaylee Grace Baker sends lots of hugs and kisses to her Granny Betty and Grandpa Lawrence Johnson in Ohio. They are her great-aunt and great- uncle, but she has been calling them that for a long time. She loves them so much. She also says hi to Aunt Eva.

I stopped by Brian and Nikki Lucas’s and picked up their daughter Brooke. She and I visited with Kaylee, Keith, Edsel, and Carol. The girls had a marvelous time, and of course we enjoyed it too. Brooke and Kaylee are my great-nieces.

A big thank you to Brian for fixing my computer. Clester thanks him too. He said I was killing him. I had to have something to do and someone to talk to.

Thanks to my friend Sherry Howard for doing the news for me. I certainly appreciated it.

Happy birthday to my nephew, Keith Eric Baker. He is Kaylee’s dad. She calls him ‘ Daddy Rabbit.’ You know Papaw Edsel taught her that.

Linda Lou Sturgill had another bad fall this weekend. Her ankle may be broken. She wasn’t over the fall she had last week. Bruce and Jade are taking good care of her.

I had a fall and my shoulder and knee are still bothering me. Henrietta Thomas also had a bad fall. It seems like we have had so much ice underneath the snow. Our driveway has been awful.

I talked to Mary Webb Blank this past week and enjoyed it so much. She is a sister to Emily Marvilene Quillen and they are both special gals.

My cousin Fontella Sturgill Hall and her husband Everett ‘Reb’ Hall lost their son on the Friday before Christmas. He was 31 years old. His funeral was at the Old Rebecca Church on Beaver. I saw lots of cousins at the visitation. It seems like anymore that’s the only time we see each other. Reb and Fontella are in our thoughts and prayers. Fontella grew up on Beaver Dam, and is the daughter of Noah Dennis and Belle Baker Sturgill. Reb grew up in Knott County, and is the son of Garnie and Bessie Hall.

Melvin Hall of Deane is having some treatments in Pikeville and he is in our prayers.

Lettie Hall of Winchester is having health problems, and she may have had a mini stroke. They are doing more tests this week. We wish her a speedy recovery and we are praying.

Did you read the article Eva Wyatt did on the Historical Society this week? We thank her for all she does for us.

The pictorials are selling well. We have volumes 8 through 10 available now. You may call me if you want any, at 855-7338.

Our neighbor Geraldine went home to be with Jesus. She and Bruce are so loved by everyone. They had been married for 62 years. Our love and prayers for Bruce, Mike and Shawn, and all the family.

Amy Baker was flown to Johnson City this week. She was having complications with her pregnancy. After a couple of days, Lilah Jane Baker was delivered. She weighed 3 pounds, 9 ounces, and is 16 inches long. So many prayers have been going up for Amy and Lilah. Continue to keep this family in your prayers.

Maxine Quillen’s computer crashed, and she said she had her cowbell on and was following me. She got tired and bought a laptop as a backup. You can take our sleep and lots of other stuff, but don’t mess with old women and their computers.

If you have something for the news, please call me at 855-7338. I so enjoy the other folks who write the news of their community. Folks call and say it’s a little like being with their families when they sit down with the paper.

I met Charlotte Caudill who writes for the Troublesome Creek Times this week, and she is such a nice person.

Take care this week and have a good time. God bless.

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