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Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Cold leads to strange outfit

I really hope everyone is staying warm and you are not getting this cold weather we are having. We have been iced in for the most part of the last couple of days.

Now listen to me start griping at the beginning. All I heard all summer was “It is so hot.” Now I am saying it is so cold!

I have always made the comment that I can take clothes off to get cool in the summer, but it seems in the winter I can’t get enough clothes on my body to get warm. I did find something that was very comfortable, and if only you had seen it, you would have laughed.

A few years ago my youngest daughter Anna Nottingham bought me something like a one-piece outfit, except at the bottom it is wide and has ribbed cuffs that you insert your feet through. It gives you plenty of room to move your feet, and it zips up and is soft fleece.

I had forgotten about it, but I wasn’t going anywhere and no one was coming so I put it on and was as snug as bug in a rug.

Belated happy birthday to my special little guy Kyle Nottingham, who was one year old Jan. 20. It was supposed to be very bad here so I didn’t take him a card or present.

I am telling you it doesn’t seem possible my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold will be five years old Jan. 30, and you readers have been a part of this one’s growing up as I kept him many times as I was writing this column.

Bennie will be starting kindergarten this fall if my daughter will get her nights and days turned around so he can go.

Once again illness has decided to pay our family a visit as my youngest brother Robert Hall is in Bristol Medical Center in Bristol, Tenn. Robert had surgery but he is improving.

It was impossible for me to get there. I talked to him on the telephone and I hope he and my brother Richie Hall understand.

Richie is really doing well after the surgery on his leg, though he still has the wound vac and I am afraid he is going to get restless and do too much. Southern Ohio

I am glad that my brothers have wives that love them and are good to them, or I might run away.

I made the comment that if my sister Loretta Church or brother Jerry Hall was admitted to the hospital I would beat their behinds as I can’t take this any more.

There’s music at the Blackey Community Center every third Saturday of the month. Please check this out. You can contact Libby Day Smith for details.

How I wish I could have been there as my special little cousin Jack Adams, Taylyn Combs, Shawn Stamper and his daughter Whitney Stamper were.

Of course Libby’s band, 7 South, was there. My adopted son Jon Caudill picks guitar for them. It sounded like a great line-up, and I looked to see if Route 7 with Will Caudill was there, but they weren’t on the flyer.

Thanks to everyone for supporting this event and making a place for bluegrass music to stay alive.

I have good news on Linda Whitaker Day, who is the youngest daughter of the special lady I used to call my little extra mama, Alma Whitaker of Kingscreek. Linda has faced some health issues for the past couple of years and she is doing well, but still has to be careful of being around lots of people and can’t travel, which is about to get the best of her. Please keep her and the family in your prayers

Hello to Linda’s older sister and her husband Ralph Hogg in Michigan, who read The Mountain Eagle.

Ralph is in a rehab and is getting along very well. Ralph is from around the Hot Spot area.

I haven’t mentioned Click and Clack for a long time. Well it seems like one of them, Doug Ison, decided to go look for a truck and found a long lost cousin in the process as he got to visit with Linda Whitaker Day’s son at the dealership.

Doug has found a place that butchers hogs and has really been enjoying fresh pork, and is sharing it with family, like homemade fresh sausage.

Polly Maucher and I fi- nally listened to RFD on Saturday night together and I just had to call her. I really enjoyed the conversation.

Gwen Huff Farmer is trying to stay warm and Shirley Well says she is tired of winter weather.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are enjoying having their daughter Sue and Lauren Wagner for a few days from South Carolina as Lauren had a doctor’s appointment in Cincinnati.

Michael Ison, aren’t you glad you are so far away because you would have to hold my hand to keep it warm.

I am going to have to get busy. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone: 513- 367-4682.

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