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Cold, snow, ice will be our companions

Happy Halloween everyone!

As I sit here writing this column the sun is coming up and the colors of the trees are beautiful. It makes me long to head back to the mountains I still call home.

We sure have been having some beautiful days as we say good-bye to October and hello to November.

Time changes and days grow shorter, and then cold, snow and ice will be our companion for months to come.

The snow is beautiful, that is, from the inside of a warm house. I always think of the people who are less fortunate having to sleep out in the elements of the weather

As a child growing up in the mountains most of the houses we lived in had a fireplace. No fire at night except for a little bit in the fireplace as Mom would bank the fire to keep it from going completely out.

Southern Ohio

We had quilts on the beds to kept us warm, until a little brother or sister wet the bed and you were soaked.

I remember standing in front of the fire trying to dry the dress I had slept in because I had no gown, with smoke coming off the front while my backside was freezing, then turning around and doing the same thing to the other side.

Yes, we slept together as children, and there was never a thought of wrongdoing.

Now days there’s flack if two small brother and sisters share a bedroom. Of course there weren’t million dollar homes back when I was a child.

Saturday I had the ut- most pleasure of going on an unplanned adventure. Because of illness I haven’t been able to go watch the band perform, and wasn’t really sure about going Saturday as rain was predicted.

Once again Beechwood Marching Band is in the finals, and this year I have two granddaughters, Sarah and Jessica Nottingham, participating in the band. Sarah plays sax, and Jessica plays the flute. Sarah is a senior so this is her last year.

The bands performed at Berea, which I had gone to last year. Saturday was a warm day so I decided to try it, and I am so glad I did.

The scenery was absolutely breathtaking with the golden and red green hues showing so proudly along the highway. That in itself was enough for me to be thankful that I decided to go . ere

Th were several bands in competition. Hazard and Harlan were two in particular that I was proud of.

All bands did a good job, but I am prejudiced, so when Beechwood took the field, my heart overflowed with pride.

Beechwood came in first place in the competition. They received two awards. The bands will have two competitions one at Russellville and then Bowling Green.

This is an overnight trip. I would love to go, but I doubt if I will try it.

My daughter Anna Nottingham is very active in Beechwood Tiger Marching Band as she coordinates everything from making sure the kids are fed, seeing that all are coordinated in their uniforms, snacks afterwards, even tying shoes, and making sure there’s extra socks. I forgot making sure there’s extra things for the girls’ hair.

Anna is known as Mama Anna to the students, who love her, and so do the parents.

Anna is having surgery on her right foot in December, and has been wearing a boot for months. She had an MRI that shows a broken bone on the top of her foot, tendons pulled below the ankle and a cyst in the ball of her foot that is very painful.

Sarah is in a boot also, and will be having surgery in November.

Sarah has been accepted to NKU for college, which is close to home, and with her scholarships it won’t be very expensive.

Sarah has also been accepted to a college in Indianapolis, Ind., that she wants to go to so badly, but it will cost so much that she could buy a home instead.

At this time nothing has been decided as there’s a college in New York she is waiting to hear from.

Jessica is involved in archery, and is doing very good at it. I think she enjoys competing with her dad. If Jessica doesn’t go into law enforcement as a career, it will surprise me.

Before Anna and I left for Berea, I spent a couple of hours with Katelyn and little boss man Kyle, which I enjoyed immensely. We went for a walk and I showed Kyle acorns that had fallen in the street, which resulted in me having a pocket full of acorns since Kyle wanted them for his dad.

After our walk, we sat on the porch. Kyle climbed up on some cushions, saying he needed his beauty rest. Katie said, “You mean you need a nap,” and Kyle replied, “I don’t take naps, I need my beauty rest.”

I haven’t spent much time with my grandchildren lately, and I really miss this. They are growing up too fast. It is hard to believe my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold is eight years old.

Rickey Caudill will be moving into his new home before too long as the work is coming along great. The pictures are wonderful that Ricky posts on Facebook. When I was in the mountains for Blackey Days I talked to Marcia Caudill for a few minutes, listening to her describe the trip to Ireland with her husband Mike and his mother, plus other family members. Seeing the pictures was amazing.

I wish Marcia and I had more time together, but since the truck got stuck with a load of lumber, our conversation was abruptly interrupted.

Les and Pat Wagner slipped away for a few days in the mountains. Les posted pictures of the fall foliage of Little Shepherd Trail and it was beautiful.

My brother Richie Hall took me there when a group of us rode in the back of his pickup truck. I miss my little brother so much.

Happy anniversary to Les and Pat Wagner, and happy birthday to my daughter Anna Nottingham, all on Nov. 3, and to her almost twin sister Loretta Wells Baggett of Clarksville, Tenn. Loretta is the daughter of Shirley Wells of Marlowe.

While I was at Berea watching the bands my thoughts returned to Shirley Wells as we would talk about our grandchildren, Sarah and Donovan, who were in competition at the same places, just in different groups.

I miss Shirley very much and I loved her like a sister.

I haven’t talked to Johnny or Ann Calihan this week. I hope they are getting along all right.

Doyle and Betty Ison, I will try to get in touch with you before long.

Betty Kelly’s sister Corrine is very sick at the present time and I wish for her a speedy recovery.

My niece Sue and her husband Mart Hall took a short trip to Pennsylvania, and judging by the pictures and posts they had a great time.

My son Keith Ballard changed jobs so I’ll miss the beautiful colors of driving through Greendale, Ind. Keith was full of vim and vigor this morning, as he had swept the kitchen and bathroom before 6 a.m. Actually he put on his work shoes and the grooves in the soles had dried mud in them, so he had no choice as he didn’t want me to walk barefoot on the dried mud.

It is time to get this on the way. Make trick or treating a safe and happy time for all the kids out and about.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, cell phone, 513- 526-8512.

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