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Cold, warm, cold again – it must be spring

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Cold, warm, cold again – it must be spring

Hello, everyone! By the color of the green everywhere, I know it is once again springtime. When I am still using heat in the house early in the morning, I wonder are we living in another time frame somehow?

As I get dressed of the morning I am wearing sweatshirts in the house, then when I go outside it gets rather warm during the afternoon. Meantime back in the house, it is cold. Well I guess I did just describe spring!

Thanks, Sadie Hayes of Michigan, for the birthday card; it was really cute. Sadie is so thoughtful in sending me cards for any occasion, I buy cards and somehow they never get where they are supposed to be or they get there late. Sadie is the daughter of Lil and Judy Ison from Kingscreek, which is close to Roxana. Sometime when I see an old model car it reminds me of Sadie’s dad. If someone needed a car part they usually could find it at Lil Ison’s.

I received an early birthday card from Betty and Barefoot Bill Kelly, then I found out why it was so early. They took a trip to the mountains for a little rest and relaxation. That is an understatement as I am sure Betty and Barefoot Bill don’t get much rest when they are in the mountains as they are always on the go.

Betty and her sister, Levina, went to visit my sister, Loretta Church, in Letcher Manor Nursing Home, which Loretta always enjoys very much.

I received a beautiful card from Shirley Wells. My mail carrier forgot to close my mail box and my mail got wet. I was about ready to give someone a piece of mind and decided not to, actually I have too many good things to gripe about the little things. Like friendship of so many who care enough to send me cards.

May 29 Shirley Wells’ granddaughter, Ashlee Bales, graduates from high school. Shirley is so proud of Ashlee.

Gwen Huff Farmer’s son, John Farmer, is going to North Carolina to go to school for his job. While in North Carolina John will get to visit his sister, Leatha. Gwen said this is an allexpense paid trip for John. Gwen is spending a few days with her son and going to church with his family.

Gwen asked me if I had ever heard the expression of having the big eye when someone couldn’t sleep. It seems a friend of hers hasn’t ever heard anyone say that! Evidently that friend wasn’t raised in any part of the mountains. I wonder if she has ever heard the expression, I want your big toe!

It seems several people on Ingrams Creek are celebrating birthdays in May,. Happy birthday to my brother, Richie Hall, and Mark Roark who share the same day May 26, Jerry Halcomb and Donald Bates share May 25, Richie and Wanda’s daughter, Crystal Caudill of Hamilton, Ohio, celebrates her birthday May 29. Little Mallory Halcomb will be two years May 31, she is the daughter of Jerry and Tabitha Halcomb. Jerry is my sister in law, Wanda’s, brother.

Belated happy anniversary to Richie and Wanda Hall May 22.

Happy birthday to my brother, Jerry Hall June ,3.

I received this information from Helen Caudill of Miamisburg, Ohio. May 10 the Dixon family had a reunion at the Blackey Senior Citizens Center. There were about 50 or 60 present with plenty of good food and a great time was had by everyone.

Descendants of the Rich and Mary Dixon family came from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Northern Kentucky, and lots who lived in Letcher County.

Helen Caudill and Shirley Wells are cousins. Shirley was so disappointed she couldn’t make it as her daughter graduated.

This was the same weekend that Bill and Mary (Whitaker) Halcomb had their fish fry. Helen really hated to miss it.

My daughter, Angie Wiederhold, took little Bennie Wiederhold to the doctor for a checkup. The nutritionist told Angie to break Bennie from the bottle, not to give him a sippy cup, nor to use a straw. At times I get disgusted with educated people. Yes, I know in the mountains we had no such things as cups with non-spill lids. Bennie isn’t eating enough solid foods to survive without a bottle at this time in his life.

He is almost 16 months old but he needs his bottle for a little while longer. Yes, I realize I am being a know-it-all grandma!

If you could see this little tike smell of his food before he takes a bite. I gave him one of his cookies, and he smelled of it. My daughter, Kay Gray, tried to give him a taste of Oreo cookie and he smelled of it. Kay laughed and said, "Now, Bennie, all kids like Oreos." Not Bennie!

My little six-year-old granddaughter, Jessica Nottingham, broke her left arm at the elbow on the monkey bars while playing in the Winton Woods Park. My daughter, Anna Nottingham, is a certified medical asistant and works for a group of pediatric doctors, so she is trained. However it is different when it comes to your own child being injured. Anna seems to be able to handle anything that comes her way in any situation.

It isn’t same with my daughter, Angie. Being a registered nurse she can almost go to pieces when it comes to Bennie. I have been so thankful she has a close friend in Sue Wagoner who is Johnny and Ann Calihan’s daughter. Sue is a nurse and works in the doctor’s office where Angie takes Bennie.

I made a pan of biscuits and headed across the river to see about Jessica. The girls enjoyed biscuits and gravy. This is the first time I have traveled with fresh-made biscuits across three states as it only takes a few minutes to go from Ohio, to Indiana, to Kentucky.

My granddaughter, Jennifer Proctor, had a late birthday party for my great-granddaughter, Samantha Gray. The decorations were in "High School Musical" theme. Sami received lots of presents.

Johnny and Ann have once again shared lettuce and onions from their garden with me. I was heading for their garden and came home to find a Care package on my porch swing. Thanks, you two, for being so kind to me. All the Calihan family are doing alright.

Hello to all of their family that read my column in the mountains and scattered all over.

I have a problem this spring with some determined birds, who insist on building their nest on my front porch columns. I tear it down and within an hour it is halfway built again. When I am on the porch one bird will fly in and out repeatedly, as to say you are in my territory. I am a lover of birds, however these are making a mess on my swing. I used duct tape to block one column, now I have to do the same. I have never seen anything as determined as this bird to finish something. It reminds me of myself when I set my head to do something.

This bird has help, at least the male bird is not lazy and is willing to help. They are using mud and straw to build this nest I keep tearing down. If they hadn’t decided to roost on my swing I wouldn’t be so mean, however I can’t stand the mess they are making.

Our local television station WKRC has a girl from Hazard on the staff. That was nice to see. I did not catch her name.

I had a phone call a distant cousin, Boyd Coots of Cumberland. He is Henry Coots’s son. His grandparents were my great-grandparents, Will and Nance Coots. It is nice to hear from him though I have never met him. Boyd sent me a picture of the Cliff House.

Hello to my little guy Devon Cornett, and to his mommy and daddy, Monie and Colin Cornett.

Hey, Bruce Jones, have you been in Barb and Rick Jones’s pea patch yet? It should be about pea picking time if it hasn’t been too wet. I don’t think anyone in this area plants the peas you break up like green beans except Johnny Calihan. I know there are several who don’t even know what they are.

Levine Jones, give me a call sometime when you have a few minutes.

Hello, Alberta Bailey, sorry about the mistake I made.

Dean Roark, I hope everything is going OK with you and your family. Hello to my reader in Bedford, Ind.

Well, folks, it is once again time for me to get this on its way as I don’t want that clock giving me the evil eye.

I hope everyone has a safe Memorial weekend! My heart is in the mountains as usual; my body is still here in Ohio.

Until next time! Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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