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Cold weather brings frozen pipes

Southern Ohio

Hello again, everyone! Grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and let’s sit down and chat for a while! How’s the weather in your area? The Ohio Valley is seeing some bone-chilling weather. It is winter so what can you expect?

It is supposed to get about 5 below zero, and since I live close to the river you can double that figure as it is always colder here at my house. I sure am glad I took a bath a while back because I am not taking one until it gets at least July. I might actually think about it in May! My friend, Betty Kelly, said for me not to get in the tub, I may freeze to it.

While driving home from my daughter, Angie Wiederhold’s, I started thinking about childhood days at Roxana, the houses that Mom and Dad (Ora and Clayton Hall) rented, how Mommy would stuff rags in the cracks at the windowsill to keep cold air out. It was nothing to get up of the morning and have the water bucket frozen. I have seen Mommy sit the bucket at the edge of the cook stove to thaw. Daddy never knew what it was to get up and build a fire.

Nowadays everyone has it so easy compared to days of long ago. I have seen Mommy wash clothes in the winter and they would freeze dry on the lines. I really don’t think I would like to go back to those days, especially running to the little outhouse.

I chill just going to get in my car, much less thinking of being out very long. How in the world people can sleep outside in times like these is too much for me to understand.

My daughter, Anna Nottingham, called to see if I was warm enough. I told her I was thinking about just closing up the house and moving in with her and her husband, Scott, and girls. She said come on.

I hope Gwen Huff Farmer is staying warm as the weather is supposed to be real bad through some parts of Illinois.

Happy birthday to Gwen’s daughter, Ruth Ejankowski, Jan. 17, and Gwen’s brother, Wendell Huff, Jan. 18.

My little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold will be two years old Jan. 30. It doesn’t seem possible he could be two years old already.

My son, Keith Ballard, picked Bennie up for me, and as quick as he came into the house he turned his toys upside down. I had just vacuumed the living room. I said, “Bennie, I am going to bust your butt!” To which he replied, “Oh no! Oh man!”

I laughed so hard. I told Keith he has an answer no matter what I say. When he say’s I’m sorry, it is so pitiful.

Shirley Wells says she is trying to stay warm and is waiting for spring to get here. My brother, Richie Hall, and Wanda are trying to stay warm during this cold spell.

I discovered I don’t have cold water in my the tub nor sink, but the washer has water and so does the kitchen sink. When I had my bathroom remodeled a few years back, I asked the guy to put double insulation in the wall behind the tub and of course he told me that I didn’t need it, that the insulation was extra thick. It really tickles me that sometimes people thinks homeowners, especially women, are dumb!

Actually I think this is the first time that my sink has ever froze. It is only about 10 below here in the valley this morning.

Folks, this is going to be short as I need to figure out how to get scrubbed. Do I get in the kitchen sink or do I get in the washing machine?

Which reminds me, when Richie and my brother, Jerry, were young, they caught Mom out of the house and somehow Richie climbed into the washer and Jerry turned the wringertype washer on. I guess it almost beat Richie half to death before Jerry got it shut off.

I hope Emma and Red Engle are doing okay since they are farther north than I am, and it has been rather bad up in Ohio.

I talked to Ann Calihan, and she said all the Calihan family are doing okay. Her brother-in-law Laffe Marcum in West Virginia is doing some better.

I got a beautiful Christmas card and letter from Hattie Calihan Taylor. She is still keeping busy and getting around pretty well.

Willa Mae Boggs, please stay in that house and don’t get out. You don’t need to fall again and break any more limbs.

I haven’t had my little Bennie for a few nights this week as Angie hasn’t worked. It has been peaceful, yet I have missed him. I did watch Bennie while Angie went to the store to get groceries so she wouldn’t have to take him out in the bitter cold.

I received my tax bill and as so many others, my taxes went up about $40, then I thought why should I complain? I have a house when there’s lots of people who don’t have a place to live! The house is an older one, and it suits me just fine. As I drive past large houses I sometimes wonder what people need with such huge places!

Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb, I hope you haven’t froze completely up as I haven’t heard from you since Christmas.

I have some things I need to get done before the clock catches up with me. I guess I will head to Keith’s for a quick shower. Maybe his water will be frozen and I can get out of it!

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030. Email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, or telephone, (513) 367- 4682.

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